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Welcome to Element Mountain where the roots are strong within the earth, ideas are fresh in the gentle breeze; growth is ever flowing with the clean waters and our spirits burn brightly within the eternal fires of existence. Element Mountain was named such in honor of the essentials of life, the core elements themselves, Earth, Air, Water and Fire.


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Mystery in the Lake

Greeting from the Green Mountains of Vermont! On this dark and very rainy night we expect snow by morning and throughout tomorrow. Maybe up to 7 or 8 inches Some of you may have joined us on one of our Lake Champlain adventures in past years, include this past spring. Cruising out across the cold […]

Latest Photos/Videos

  • cave 1

    OK, here is part two. This one has some nice footage of some real Green Mountain caves and deep woods ledges

  • black-bear-2

    Hey Everyone, This is a video I made the other day in the mountains while seeking bear tracks. I think there is some real nice footage that you will enjoy