The Dead Hearts

September 5th, 2007 by

Hello to All,

My Teacher Meechgalanne and his people always respected the animals of the world as if they were their own family. The reason is very simple. In the Ways Of The Wild and the Ways Of The Native Peoples, the animals are our relations and have as much right to exist as we human animals do. Meechgalanne always taught deeply about the specific purpose of all living creatures upon the Earthmother. No matter how large or small, no matter if on land, in the air or in water, every creature has a very specific purpose in the Great Web of life. We are all related and a part of the Great Web. Everything supports everything and as long as balance is struck life remains whole. If one creature decides it is better then another and begins to act upon this thought and feeling of imbalance then the Web begins to shake. If more and more creatures begin to follow the act of imbalance the Web no longer just shakes but vital strands begin to snap and weaken.

Humans have been claiming superiority over all other life forms for far too long in the name of fear, greed and ignorance. Meechgalanne said that any creature who can inflict horrible amounts of pain on others, whether emotional, mental or physical and feel no deep pain in their own hearts for doing so are called “The Dead Hearts”. They are the ones who have sealed off their hearts and closed themselves to all that is life and balance. They no longer “live” but walk the earth closed and dead to everything with pure power. All they are capable of is destruction, fear, death and misery.

I forget who said this but I recall it well-” If you want to see the morals of a country, look at how it treats its animals”.

On this web site is a petition that I have signed myself.

The Chinese are skinning animals alive to supply the world with furs. The site says it all. I don’t need to paw over it. If you find yourself in a personal position that prevents you from signing this petition after viewing this site then you would fall under the category of “The Dead Hearts” and may one day you find the energy and light to open your heart again to life.

Striving to help were we can-

Medicine Blessings,

White Wolf


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