Wilderness Ways- Basic Winter Edibles

November 30th, 2008 by

NOW ON DVD- Winter Edibles

Length: 7  hour class

In the middle of the Vermont winter come and learn what there is to eat in the wild while snowshoeing. You will be learning where to find Winter Wild Edible food, identify food, prepare food and the nutritional value of it in the depths of winters grip.

During this one day workshop students will learn what there is to eat among the plants in winter. While wandering through the wilderness area we will be locating wild edibles and working on:

1-how to find them

2-how to identify them

3-what is edible on them

4-how to harvest them properly and with conservation in mind

5-discussing how to prepare them

This one day workshop will be filled with lots of practical information that students will not only be hearing, but also seeing and doing themselves! Don’t miss out on this winter adventure!

THIS CLASS WILL BE ON SNOWSHOES. (if there is enough snow that is)



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