Present of Health

December 23rd, 2008 by

The Present of Health is one of the most important set of skills anyone can acquire in life. The state of our personal well-being determines the quality of our ability to interact with the world and all life. Just look at how we interact when we are healthy and full of energy compared to when we are sick and exhausted. There is a huge difference!

If we want to help others and help the world, we must first be able to help ourselves. During the time frame of this course students will be learning many techniques from many different angles in which will allow them to work on a regular basis to improve their health and overall state of being (mind, emotion and body). The following areas are some of the angles and skills that will be taught in this course:

  • What is the true purpose of the chakras
  • Proper Chakra Spinning
  • Chakra Health (care of)
  • Color Therapy (muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood, nerves, wounds, bruises, sprains, bones, etc)
  • Breath Work
  • Mind to Energy work (working foundational levels of mind-body control)
  • Creation of health (truth behind)
  • Earth Connections for health and well being
  • Elements and personal health
  • Centering and Grounding techniques
  • Sacred Space Within
  • Proper Exercise par individual and blood type
  • Proper Stretching
  • Visualization work
  • Beyond the mind with health
  • Facts of Foods
  • Facts of Herbs
  • Natural Cures with Foods
  • Natural Cures with Herbs
  • Sexuality in health and the truth of
  • Behind the scenes of crystal energy
  • Dangers of many so called Health Fads and self heal methods
  • Fact verses Speculation and Hearsay concerning Health
  • Facts on Body Systems and Meridians
  • The truth about cancer and chemo
  • and more…..

During the length of this 3 day course you will find a vast amount of priceless knowledge through techniques, practice and interaction to truly begin the rest of your life’s Self Healing!

Students should be prepared for long days that are filled with actual Self Healing work, not just talk.


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