Sacred Allies Course

February 21st, 2011 by

The Totem is a very misunderstood energy today in the modern world.  So much disinformation is around today concerning the Totem that I find many of my new students to be very confused and severely limited in their abilities with Totems. In my training years ago under my Native Teacher, the Totem was a huge part, as they still are in my present life today.

Most people who have come through Element Mountain have found through Totem study that most of what they thought to be their Totems ended up being “Animal Alters” which is directly connected to and a stem off of programming. They are used to distract the individual from their true Totems as well as enhance specific areas of the internal programming.

In this Sacred Allies Course the following will be covered:

  •  what exactly the Totem is
  •  where they exist
  •  how to find them
  • how to connect with them
  • how to communicate with them and understand them on all levels of your reality
  • how to identify true Totems from Animal Alters
  • visualizations and meditations to  give you the tools to take your own power into your own hands
  • we will also be delving into plant and mineral allies as well

The depth and dynamics of the Totem are neatly laid out within this course, that allow you to better understand how direction, element, color, frequency and home or seat within directly affect the work with Totems that you may do. With many examples details and tools found within this course, you will be able to more successfully take your Totem endeavors to a whole new level of knowledge, understanding and true power! Come join us in the beautiful mountains of Vermont and explore your Totems!

Elements & Directions

In pre-technological cultures around the world, Elements and Directions played a huge role in life. This role penetrated far deeper than just the physical aspects of north, south, east, west, water, air, earth and fire. The vast and complex study and interconnections between humans as individuals and cultural groups to the Elements and Directions was  long revered wisdom.

During this course the 4 elements and directions traditionally focused upon in North American cultures will be discussed in great detail. The following will be addressed:

-the relationships between the elements
-the relationships between the  directions
-the relationships between the  season
-the relationships between them all
and their specific energy’s in life and all existence
-the relationships between each element and direction with us as individuals
-visualizations that will allow you to delve into yourself to find each element and direction so you can begin to build a foundation upon which to personally work with all elements and directions in your evolutionary path.
-then let us take to the deep wilderness to directly connect with the knowledge you learn in a element/direction wander
and of course much, much more!
Take a journey through the elements and directions to see the true meanings of them found within yourself and everyday life around you. Gain the knowledge needed to open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of personal discovery through the 4 elements and cardinal directions contained within the energy structure of this world.


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