Survival Combat Camp

February 21st, 2011 by

Scheduled: August 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 2017  

Cost – $825.00

Preregistration required – please email to inquire

Sign -up closes on August 9th 2017

Length – 5 full days plus some night training

Average day – 2 hrs training, 15 minute rest, 2 hrs training, 1hr lunch, 2 hrs training, 15 minute rest, 3 hrs training, dinner break (if night training return 3 hrs after dinner for 2 hrs

Where – Vermont – outdoors, indoors, forest, field, water, urban – rain, snow or shine

(More sign up details at the bottom)

Though this camp is not for everyone, those who are interested understand, at least to some extent, why. Though many of us do our best to focus on and enjoy the wonders in life, its beauties and areas of peace, we cannot ignore or pretend that the very opposite energies also exist. It is one of the realities of this physical world, peace and conflict, safety and danger.

Many of these dangers are just naturally occurring, like the extremes in the elements; storms, while others are a result of our modern times; car crashes, train wrecks and what have you. However, the dangers that I speak of exist within the boundaries of conflict. Fighting, combat and war are major areas of extreme conflict and one rolls right into the other. We all have battles raging inside us. It is a condition of human nature. It is how we discover who we truly are, what we are capable of and even our purpose for being here.

Violence Stats:

Recent stats tell us that 1.6 million people die each year from violence. One in six American women report being raped. Ten percent of sexual assault victims are men. Terrorist activity on a global scale has increased almost five times higher since the events of 9/11. There is over a sixty percent increase in deaths from terrorist activity since 2012. In 2005 there were 5,686 kids between the ages of 10 and 24 murdered. Since 1968 more Americans have been killed by gun shot wounds than in all the wars ever fought in American history. Over one million gang members in the United States are criminally active today. About one in three violent crimes take place close to a victims home. Around one in five violent crimes take place in the streets, open fields, parks, parking lots and playgrounds. And the list goes on and on.

Can the over worked and understaffed police help? Perhaps, IF they happen to be standing right next to you when someone decided to attack. The fact is that most violent crimes take place when someone is least expecting it and there is little in the way of professional help nearby. By the time police arrive on the scene of a crime, the crime has already been committed and the damage already done. It is an illusion, a lie in thinking civilians are protected and safe in this world because there are police and military forces.

Challenge is conflict and provides an opportunity to discover more about ourselves, life. Challenge moves us, keeps us from stagnation, keeps us motivated, and keeps us seeking and searching for diversity through ingenuity. It allows us the chance to truly “live” to our fullest. Without challenge most people I think would do little beyond dig a deeper and deeper rut, and remain in the never changing rut unto a life of stagnation, lack of awareness, expansion, accomplishment and discovery.

However, if we branch outside ourselves to face conflict in the flesh, in the physical, it becomes something different, something many people in today’s “no conflict allowed” society find very foreign and thus scary. Even with the modern school systems and legal systems working hard to keep people from learning anything about fighting and physical conflict, it does not deter or cease the darker aspect of human nature. Muggings, rapes, murders, physical abuse, and all manner of other acts of violent behavior has not decreased with the increase of keeping people from acknowledging those aspects of human nature. The only thing happening is that the younger generations are growing up with no developed abilities to handle such violence; emotionally or physically. Instead of teaching people how to identify such internal feelings of aggression, accept them and control them, the modern way of trying to deal with it is to pretend it does not exist. This philosophy just makes things worse in the long run and makes people easier and easier prey for those countless imbalanced souls lurking on the street and in the shadows of modern life.

It seems far too many people who live in an industrialized nation forget just how precarious their peaceful and seemingly safe lifestyles are. That is unless you happen to be living in a violent part of town. Many people around the world live in less fortunate regions and danger is a part of their “normal” daily lives. But even so, here in America where so many feel safe in their illusion, the United States has never gone more than a decade without engaging in war or “conflict”. Like it or not if we did not have the military forces this country would not be as “peaceful” as most of its civilians experience it as. I dislike the machine as much or more than many, but I also understand the reality we live in and I have witnessed firsthand what lives right outside the protective borders. I know what lives inside our borders as well and what keeps it in check.


A major skill to have deep and practical knowledge of in today’s world is Self Defense and Survival Combat. With the instability of the modern world and thus the major upheavals within political factions, law enforcement agencies, economics and the military powers, just to name a few, it becomes vital that we as individuals and families understand the truth about Real Self Defense and Survival Combat.

This camp addresses the following skills and mind sets:

Below is a partial list of some of the many areas covered in this specialized combat training area.

  • Mind set
  • Difference between fighting, martial arts and combat
  • Difference between Green Zone, Red Zone and Black Zone
  • How to function in each zone
  • Fine muscle movement
  • Gross muscle movement
  • How to combat others who are in various zones (same or different to your zone)
  • Best stances
  • Positioning to your opponent
  • How to read yourself
  • How to read your opponent
  • How to read a group of attackers
  • How to manipulate the mind of an attacker
  • How to manipulate the emotions of an attacker
  • Baseline
  • Emotional control
  • Mental control
  • Body control
  • Breathing techniques
  • Understanding pain dynamics
  • How to work through pain
  • How to deliver specific kinds of pain
  • How to work in closed spaces
  • How to work in stairwells
  • How to work in hallways
  • How to work in open spaces
  • How to work on the ground
  • How to work with surrounding clutter/objects
  • How to move
    How to block
  • How to strike
  • Joint locking
  • Joint breaking
  • Takedowns
  • Chokes
  • Escapes
  • How to survive chokes
  • Vitals
  • Attacking
  • Defending
  • Attacking blind
  • Defending blind
  • Attacking when injured
  • Defending when injured
  • Working with chokes on the ground, standing, kneeling, close-quarters, in water, uneven surfaces…
  • Working all your techniques on the ground, standing, kneeling, close-quarters, in water, uneven surfaces…
  • Working all your techniques with heavy clothing, medium clothing, light clothing, underwear
  • Using your clothing against your attacker
  • Using your attackers clothing against them
  • Weapons (attack and defense with and from), clothing, short stick, katana length weapon, rope, knife, gun, surrounding objects in usual life (furniture, dirt, rocks, branches, bags, utensils, etc)
  • Weapon retention
  • Defense against stun guns and stun gun dynamics
  • Attacking multiple opponents
  • Defending against multiple opponents
  • Combat in heat, cold, wet, snow, on grass, dirt, pavement, etc
  • How to deal with injury
  • How to deal with being hit
  • How to work with your last moments of consciousness before passing out
  • How to defend non-fighters around you when being attacked
  • Urban Combat, Wilderness Combat

You will also learn all about the one weapon White Wolf carries everywhere; legal in every country, every state and city, airplanes and federal buildings. With a little practice anyone can effectively learn to use it in a wide variety of self defense and even combative situations.

Due the sheer amount of details contained in this camp, it becomes important to understand that you will not become a master in the time period of this camp. That takes a huge amount of time and effort investment on your part within the entire context of your life. What this camp does offer is a very real as you can get, while still upholding high levels of safety, introductions and gritty hands on practice of the above skills. Not only are the days filled with long intense hours and physical exertion, but also mental excursion and emotional dredging while covering the many, many angles and dynamics of the vast and complex world of Survival Combat.

This camp is a glimpse to the ongoing classes in Survival Combat through Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu.

White Wolf presents techniques and skills utilized in black ops training. He dredges from his S.O.E.S. SOG black ops agency training, 16 years of combat experience and over 35 years of martial arts training, some of the most brutally effective combat training. The techniques are solid, easy to learn and non-flashy (no fancy, useless movie moves).

For more details and a short video, please visit the Combat Page.

Maybe you are in law enforcement, military, a civilian or private protection/security organization or simply wish to learn how to protect yourself and family if a physical attack comes into your life. Perhaps you have been a victim and never want to experience that again. Maybe you simply wish to expand your awareness and practical skills to prepare for such unfortunate events. If you have answered yes to any of those questions then you would highly benefit from the techniques in this highly informative and potently powerful Survival Combat Camp!

This is a 5 full day camp with night training included. We will not be camping out. You can find a partial list of local accommodations on our Lodging Page. There is also primitive free camping 20 minutes away for those so inclined.

Please be aware this is a true hands on course and not simple philosophy. White Wolf has over three decades of experience with defense, survival and 16 years of live covert close combat. This course is one that will make you work hard physically, emotionally and mentally. It is geared to all skill levels from absolute beginner to advanced individuals.

No participant is required to engage in all skill sets. Students sign up of their own accord and so they are in control of what they do or do not participate in during the class. Of course you are urged to participate in all aspects to challenge yourself, but it is ultimately your choice and no student will be shunned for opting out of specific trainings. This is not a ego mania, militaristic, ra-ra “kill em all or get out” kind of camp. If you want that, join the military.

Both sexes are welcome, male and female. We are sorry but minors are not allowed to participate in this Survival Combat Camp, even if accompanied by an adult. Parolees will also not be allowed to participate in this camp. For safety reasons this camp will not be set-up to accommodate physical or mental handicaps. 

Pre-registration is required. Please email us at for more information. Once you pre-register you will be emailed a personal equipment list of basic and inexpensive gear.



“I am really fortunate and grateful to have attended the 5 day Survival Combat bootcamp with White Wolf. He is definitely a being with presence, despite his unassuming lean frame. Its one thing listening to him speak, but it’s another seeing him in action. He’s like a warrior priest / philosopher. I saw the brutal reality of his combat system from the video on his website, and knew it is the real deal. But again, seeing on video is one thing, experiencing these techniques in person is a whole different ball game. 

 I must admit that I was unprepared for the camp in terms of gear. I had clothing tear on me etc. I know exactly what I need for the next camp though, so next camp I will be prepared. 

 The training brought to light the reality of combat in real life scenarios, where everything took place in the outdoors, on uneven terrain. I’m grateful for the cushioning the lawn in white wolf’s back yard provided. 

 I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone, and for that I am grateful. 

 White wolf was very perceptive with regards to the needs of the students, e.g. experience level etc. He didn’t push us too hard. We were training at 10% capacity, and to me that was much. This further drove home the point of regular training, if not combat, then martial arts, as my last grueling session was 6 years ago in London, practicing Systema. I haven’t broken a fall or rolled since then, or felt a joint lock or throw for such time, and getting that at the combat survival camp was most welcome

 We covered most if not all areas of self-defense and combat survival from mindset, to body language, to street-smarts, to legal implications.

 I particularly enjoyed the weapons disarming training. Experiencing the training in the unpredictable mountain weather created memories that will stay with me for life, for example, the pistol and rifle disarming during the pouring rain near the river (apparently there was a bad storm which knocked out the power to around 20,000 people in various parts of Vermont that weekend).

 My most terrifying training experience: the water combat. You haven’t experienced combat training unless an underwater guillotine choke hold has been demonstrated on you by White Wolf. Even when he asked me to be the assailant, I was hesitant, because I knew what was in store: being held underwater in the cold New Haven River. Haha 

 We had our fun moments, including our ‘Taser Therapy’. One student initiated it, then myself and others. Trust me; a taser shock is nothing nice. 

 The urban combat training was also quite enjoyable and really opened my mind. White Wolf demonstrated to us the power of being relaxed and confident, and how we can react better to unseen or surprise attacks from that state. (the looks on the faces of the supermarket employees coming through the back to dispose of garbage was hilarious….)

 Defense against multiple attackers: we just touched the tip of the iceberg with this training, and was an eye opener as in deciding who to attack first, keeping the attackers at bay by using one of their own as a shield.

Combat survival during an exhausted state:  training while in an exhausted state was really a peculiar experience. I was totally unprepared for it, as we were learning in the green zone most of the time. This time we were in the red zone, and that was challenging.  

 One thing I have to mention is the internal energy aspect of the training and the use of breath to control pain and redirect energy. White Wolf had us use our chi to strengthen our arm to the point of being resistant to external pressure. So we learned 1% of chi kung. 

 White Wolf is a living library, a treasure trove of ancient and modern information and wisdom, both practical and esoteric. 

 I most definitely will be back for more training as we have only scratched the surface, and the experience has helped me uncover more of my warrior spirit, and inspired me on my path to becoming an enlightened warrior, a protector of those who can’t defend or protect themselves or loved ones.”

A – Caribbean


“I’ve had the opportunity to study in the styles of and under Special Forces combat instructors of the United States (Delta & SEALs), China (China’s People’s Liberation Army Special Operations Force), and Israel  (Krav Maga). I must say, the black ops oriented combat training I’ve received so far under the instruction of White Wolf is truly the real deal. When standing in front of him it’s real easy to tell and feel his techniques and he have been through the ringer where lives were on the line.
In my own opinion his combat system is easy to comprehend and powerful to use. There’s no flashy movie style techniques, nothing complicated, just hardcore, get in and get it done moves. I’ve trained in a lot of stuff that would never work in an actual situation, but not so with White Wolf’s moves.

I’m always surprised at how graceful he looks on film because when he’s executing combat moves on you, the last thing running through your mind is how graceful it feels! Even though he grabs like a vice, moves like lightning, hits like a rhino and takes you down like an avalanche, all his techniques can be done by a person of just about any size. His style of combat in my opinion is genuine and exceptional and his teaching ability equals that quality.”

J.B.J – personal trainer, ex-military, retired special agent GND (gang & narcotics division)


“As one of the few lucky students that White Wolf has selected to participate in this highly elite combat-survival class of his, I would like to share my thoughts as well.
Just a quick note about myself: I have started training a great many different martial arts over the years, from when I was seven years old. First came Judo, then Shotokan Karate, Shaolin 5 Animals Kung Fu, followed by Taekwondo, Wing Tsun, Kick Boxing, Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Krav Maga and Russian Systema.
I have been in street fights and also have been in some situations my in life where I had to resort to violence in order not to get hurt myself or to protect someone else from an attacker.
So from all of my many years of exposure to the fighting arts I came to understand the difference of what truly works in a real confrontation, with a raging person who really means to actually hurt you, and what does not, including the psychological aspects of it, of overcoming fear, panic, freezing up, adrenaline rush, heavy legs syndrome etc. In short, after going through all matters of training I wanted to find the best or simply put: the most efficient and devastating combat system out there! No window dressing, no belts, no bull shit, just 100% pure elite combat and I found it!

Today I feel incredibly fortunate to not only be able to train Systema with a former Russian Spetsnaz operative but to also have been exposed to S.O.E.S. operative White Wolf and the kind of CIA Black Ops training he was drilled in. Having these two to compare I have found that, at the very bottom of any highly effective and battle field proven fighting system, they will inevitable have to share some common ground, because everything truly genius is simple, simple but not easy mind you!
And so, what I can say from the very elite training that I have had with White Wolf is that his moves, techniques and the psychological and physiological approach of it are absolutely, without question, at the very top of the most efficient and lethal combat-survival systems you could possibly ever find! If you are lucky enough to be accepted as his student that is…
In fact, I personally understand only all too well why he is so selective with whom he even allows to be shown these techniques because they are not to fall into the wrong hands, that’s for certain!

As effective as the physical techniques he is teaching are on their own, they are merely tools. To be truly effective they also require a certain kind of mental space where he is coming from, a certain internal energy he taps in, which is extremely insightful and inspiring to watch! The fact is, he is physically in constant pain and yet as soon as we do any kind of combat drill, I can literally see it in his eyes that for the time being, all the physical limitations and pain he might have are suspended, because his will to survive and overcome any opponent is just so freaking strong, I mean he will prevail, there is no doubt whatsoever! And THAT is one of the most important and crucial aspects to any combat training. No matter how good someone might be in the training room, but without that fire inside to simply not give up, regardless of how much pain they might be in, how many opponents he might be facing etc., without that kind of resolve all technique is useless.
In combat there is no room for self doubt, self pity, self indulgence, inflated ego and all of that. And so, when I train with White Wolf I am learning not only about physical moves, maneuvers and tactics but also about the right mindset, that of a true warrior, which to me is the most important lesson of all and without which no system could ever work!”
A.S. – California

For more student reviews and information about the instructor please visit our Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu website.


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