Night of Solitude

August 3rd, 2011 by

Scheduled: June 5, 2017 – June 10, 2017 – August (date to be announced)

Cost – $50.00

Preregistration required – please email to inquire

Length – 1 full night, the prior afternoon and the next morning

Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine

Meals – Included/Supplied

My Teacher always spoke of the great importance of solitude for the sake of healing, centering, grounding, spirituality, inner sight, higher connections, self discovery, the facing of self and the deeply personal interaction with the natural world around us and within us.

Every once and a while he would allow me to partake in the Night of Solitude. Before hand I would purify myself by way of physical and mental techniques; preparing myself for the night alone in the dark. Once all the personal preparations were made I would wander into the wilderness before dusk and find my place among the world. There I would remain, alone and without light, food or any modern equipment throughout the night and into the mid hours of morning. Afterwards I would wander out and once again use techniques to clean, balance, release and give thanks for my Night of Solitude and all that I had discovered.

The Night of Solitude can be looked at as a mini Quest. The true Vision Quest is of course 4 days and nights, but the Night of Solitude is a great way to reconnect with the core self and placement within life. It has traditionally been used for thousands of years around the world as a means of initiation, cleansing, preparation for ceremony- hunts- healings- journeys, etc. Young and old both used this Night of Solitude for personal enhancement.

Element Mountain offers a Night of Solitude to any who wishes to experience this ancient tradition. Beings that in this year of 2017 our main focus at Element Mountain is Bravery, this Night of Solitude will be geared around the personal exploration of Bravery/Courage within. Here the student will:

  • spend the afternoon learning mental preparation techniques
  • spend the afternoon learning physical preparation techniques
  • be guided into the wilderness
  • spend the night alone in solitude where you can utilize your own personal techniques to gain what you are there to seek
  • or utilize neutral techniques taught the afternoon before
  • be guided back the next day
  • learn post cleansing techniques
  • end with a fire, food and discussion
  • During the first afternoon and evening there will be no meals. Light weight “neutral” snacks will be provided for those who cannot do without food for medical reasons. Water and tea will be provided. In the morning after breakfast will be provided.

The Night of Solitude is offered to ages 18 and up.

This Night of Solitude is structured in the essence of Bravery and therefore the following items are not allowed:

  • ground pad
  • sleeping bag
  • bug netting
  • water bottle
  • pillow
  • small pack to carry the above items

No tents, flashlights, I-pods, cell phones, food, musical instruments or other modern gear are permitted. This is a night of silence and darkness – You, the Elements and the world of life.


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