Bear Forest Program

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The Bear Forest program (formerly called Apprenticeship Program) deals with the intent of allowing the participant to spend longer durations in the wilderness setting without the modern world’s interference. During this program participants will learn the wilderness skill sets catered to their personal wishes. This program is a partly catered program to the individuals embarking upon this journey. This program is INTENSIVE and anyone considering it should be fully aware of this reality. The participant will be living this reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no let up. The skills will be taught in a fashion that brings the mind back to an older time period when these skills were common place and true survival depended upon them through and through. Not only does the training approach the physical level of skills, but also the mental, emotional and deeply spiritual nature of their foundation and reality within the context of life. The training is hard and requires only the truly dedicated to embrace the Bear Forest program.

The Bear Forest Program can be partaken by individuals or as a double person team. This team can be friends, couples or two people who wish to take the program but not as a solo expedition.

During the program what is presented is geared to the specifics of the individual or team. In other words you can embark upon this journey with a personal goal set fully intact. Some participants come with the wish to learn how to feel at peace with the wilderness, some come to better learn wilderness skills. Other participants come with the intent to learn to discover deeper and more complex and vast aspects of themselves while some utilize the time and teachings as a form of deep self healing. Yet others utilize the time as a personal “rite of passage” into whatever level of life they are evolving into. Whatever it is you seek from the experience, the program will be shifted to accommodate through the skills sets offered.

The details below are a baseline example of what is presented and as stated above can be geared to the participants.

This is a certified program and an official certificate will be presented to the participant upon completion of each level.

Potential details covered:

The 6 essentials-

  • Survival mind verses primitive living philosophies

This area of training includes the spirituality that was taught to me as a child through Native teachings. It includes the Medicine Ways that deal with methods self healing, self awareness, centering/grounding, Eagle Mind, Totems, energy protection, forgiveness, inner child work, elements and directions, color energies, release work and the greater connections between our physical existence and the non-physical through hands on skills.

  • Primitive tool craft

Learning how to use raw materials found within the environment to create natural tools to assist you in wilderness living…

  • Shelter craft

Many different styles of primitive shelters will be taught and built in this section of your training to practically suit your survival and living needs in all seasons.

  • Water works

Finding water in the wilderness from many sources, different styles of treating it for drinking and cooking are covered in this area of training.

  • Fire craft

The art of making fires in the outdoors in all environmental conditions are covered in this section. The use of different materials is fully covered for the making of primitive fire.

  • Wild edibles

Edibles from the local environment as well as ones that can be found in many different types of environments world-wide are fully covered. Where to find them, how to identify them, which parts are edible, what they contain, how to harvest them and how to prepare them are covered in detail.

Details beyond:

  • Awareness

Awareness is the key to life. The level of your awareness will fully dictate your level of skill in whatever you do in life. Here you will begin the lifelong path of full external (wilderness) and internal (self) awareness.

  • Track-Pack items and organization

The most useful items to include in your Track-Pack, or survival bag and how to use them all under various conditions…

  • Food storage

Learning how to store food items in the wilderness for protection and preservation…

  • Primitive cooking

The covering of many different style of cooking various foods in a wilderness setting are covered in detail.

  • First-aid

The basics of wildlands first-aid are covered so that you learn how to treat yourself in times of medical need as well as others you might find who are injured or sick.

  • Medicinals

Natural found medicines are taught and all the details of where to find them, how to harvest them and prepare them as well as the basics of how to use them for common ailments…

  • Hygiene

Keep yourself clean is essential to survival in the wilderness and in this area of training you will learn what natural materials you can use for personal hygiene- from toothpaste and brush to mouthwashes, soaps, hair care, nail care, body purification and other basic but necessary hygiene techniques.

  • Camp craft (rope, container, bench, seat, oven, etc making)
  • Natural Navigation

Learning to find your directions as well as location and successfully navigating the wilderness with and without compasses, GPS and maps.

  • Tracking

Basic tracking skills are covered so that you can begin to understand the vast labyrinth to the world of tracks. Everything leaves tracks and here you will begin to understand this.

  • Snares including fish traps

Basic traps and snares are covered in order to successfully gain meat in survival situations.

  • Hunting philosophy and etiquette

The Native Way of hunting is not the modern way of hunting. The Native Way was and still is a way of deep respect and understanding of life and what the hunt truly is. You will learn these ways.

Along the journey in the Bear Forest program you will not only be learning physical skills but also the natural respect that is upheld in the natural world by all forms of life. You will delve into this level of awareness and understanding. You will begin to learn about the ways of your animal and plant neighbors, how they live and exist in the great web of life as well as your connection to all of them. This means you will also begin to more fully understand your own placement within life.

Those are the baseline details of what is fully covered in the Bear Forest program. Variations, depth and angle will vary greatly from student to student depending upon the skill level and wishes of the participant.

Food for the three weeks will differ from student to student. The basic layout is that each participant bring with them as much dry food as they will require. This food can be left with White Wolf or in your vehicle if you wish. Some participant may wish or require fresh meats and vegetables during their stay of two weeks. If this is the case prearranged payment and specific food lists will be drawn up and agreed upon. White Wolf will use your payment to buy the food you list and deliver it to you at scheduled time frames during your stay in the wilderness. Wild edibles can be used to supplement your diet, but the state of Vermont does not allow off season hunting.

Those taking the Bear Forest program will be staying full-time in the mountains of Vermont in a primitive “camping” setting. The location of the “base camp” will be within a 20 to 30 minute walk from Element Mountain. Cell phones are allowed for emergency use. White Wolf will be walking to the base camp every day of the participant’s stay. Some days will include long and very detailed lessons and other days will be simple check-ins to see how the participant is doing with the skills at hand. Some training will take place at night. Weather will not hinder training as the Bear Forest program runs rain or shine.

We have two main camp areas. The most remote is the Wolf Camp and is for those seeking true solitude. But in the Wolf Camp you will be presented with the greatest challenges that stem from your core mind/emotion issues and so you must be aware of this. In the Wolf Camp solitude becomes you. The second camp is the Raven Camp which is less remote and geared to those wishing to face themselves but may not have the desire or ability to venture into such solitude as the Wolf Camp holds. Both are wonderful and deeply powerful settings.

Upon arrival at Element Mountain the participant will be brought to the base camp and assisted in getting fully set-up for their stay. The participant will not be left alone until they are properly, safely and completely set-up in the camp location. This includes proper shelter, water, fire, food, orientation with a map marked with exact trails back to the road and Element Mountain and emergency contact information. During the first night of the participant’s stay White Wolf will be spending in the wood with them in the base camp.

As said above, if a participant wishes to take the Bear Forest program with a partner they may certainly do so. This program does not have to be a solitary training. In fact we urge participant with very little camping experience to try teaming up with a partner for their training block, but it is not necessary.

The reason this Bear Forest program is laid out in this way is so the participant can get a very real feeling of what true wilderness living is all about. It is laid out in a fashion which allows ample time for the participant to reflect upon life and themselves and perhaps discover areas of them they have not yet found. The skills and working with the land assists this process of self discovery. Lessons learned in this program and deep in the Vermont wilderness can be taken with the participant into any walk of life, job and path they so choose. What is learned here is not meant to stay here or only be practical in the wilderness, but rather to fully enhance the participant’s life on all levels. The fact is that this program is for only the serious and those who are ready to spend these 2 week blocks in the actual wilderness learning wilderness skills hands on in a highly practical manner. Are you ready? If so this may very well be the program for you, the Bear Forest Program!

For details please email us at-

For those interested in longer timeframe wilderness living blocks you will need to email us and inquire about those opportunities. They are not part of the Bear Forest or Deer Tracks programs, but rather monthly or seasonal situations of solitude where actual instruction visits are limited…

Bear Forest Testimonials:
I really did not know what to expect when I decided to venture overseas to the green mountains of Vermont to take the part in the Bear Forest program taught by White Wolf Von Atzingen. I was a seeker with high demands and intensive urge for healing and answers to many questions regarding my own unsolved troubles, the world situation, mind control and such issues so many crave assistance with. I to be honest I was getting quite tired of gurus, spiritual systems and basically being lost in life. The time spent in the wild with White Wolf was amazing and I can honestly say (as corny as it may sound) life-transforming in many ways. His way of presenting information and freely flowing with my own spiritual urges and impulses regarding what i wanted to learn and adapting to that flow was in quite refreshing! It humbles me to say that after the 6 week period spent in the woods with White Wolf I can honestly feel that he is not just a spiritual guide and assistant in one´s healing path but someone I truly consider a trustworthy friend. The Bear Forest program left me with lessons and material to work with for some years to come that´s for sure. It is my sincere wish that the Element Mountain will continue shining brighter and brighter in these often intensive times when so many people are in dire need of compassionate guidance without unnecessary suggestions and mind games.

K.- Scandinavia- 2012

This was an amazing program, incredible! So far I only took the first block and I was blown away by the information. White Wolf allowed the program to run how I needed it most. There was no pressure, no time frame; I even forgot what day it was. I wasn’t so interested in physical skills. My intent embarking in the Bear Forest program was to gain a clearer picture into myself and spirituality. What I came away with was information that’ll take me many years to work with. The program truly allowed me to get away from it all and find parts of myself I never knew existed!
Benjamin- Texas- 2010

5 stars! I took block 1 and 2 of the Bear Forest program run by White Wolf and my life is forever changed. I was seeking solitude in the wilderness to find a deeper sense of myself. My life revolves around the city and a corporate job. I needed to get away from everything I knew for a while and this program allowed me to do just that. I drove to Vermont from the cities of New Jersey and after miles of winding country roads I turned onto dirt. The old dirt road led deep into the mountains and I felt like I was leaving civilization for good. That was nothing compared to when White Wolf guided me back into the wilderness on foot carrying everything I would need for three full weeks. It seemed as though we wandered into another world, another time and I had walked onto another planet. Nothing but the wild surrounded me for weeks. Not a soul besides me and my truly gifted guide, White Wolf…
The first block I basically used as a three week personal consultation. I couldn’t have dreamed of receiving the amount of details that I did. The second three week block was spent making deep connections to the wilderness and finding areas of myself I could’ve found no other way.
White Wolf paced everything perfectly and I had plenty of time to myself to reflect on the many lessons.
Tara- New Jersey- 2011

I began this program thinking I was looking for deep practical wilderness skills. After the first week I realized that I sought spirituality, a connection I never thought attainable. White Wolf easily shifted the program to suit my desires. He is masterful in his methods and within the first day I knew he was genuine and probably one of the most kind hearted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. The lessons he presented were natural and easily understood. I felt very comfortable in his presence, even being far back in the wilderness alone. It was like being in the presence of a master wolf. I will never forget the experience of this program. (the first three week block)
Toby- New Zealand- 2011

I was looking for very in-depth private teachings in a pure wilderness setting when I headed to America’s Vermont. There’s not much wilderness where I’m from. I had followed White Wolf’s website and listened to many of his shows when I decided to sign up for the start of the Bear Forest program. I could only afford two weeks away from work and White Wolf accommodated without problem. I went with a good idea of what I wanted to learn- basic wilderness skills, wilderness self defense and a deeper connection to life. I gained more than I could have possibly imagined in those two weeks! They were the most complete teachings I’ve ever found. I look forward to returning to those mountains and the guidance of White Wolf.
Sandra- Austria- 2010


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