Division of the Circle

November 10th, 2011 by

Many years ago the European culture moved to the Americas and with them came one of the most brilliant and tactical strategies known to this physical reality. They brought this strategy and used it; spread it like a disease throughout the land and minds of the people. In time the people fell to ruin, addiction and shame. Time marched on and the modern world was birthed.

Today this tactical strategy still exists and is more ramped than ever before. All forms of government, law and military utilize it. All corporations utilize it. The media utilizes this strategy as well. The school system and even western medical field uses it.

Because of the implementation of this strategy the human race has quickly fallen from true inner health; true peace and strength of mind. The only way to regain this lost balance, strength and health is to learn about this strategy and look deeply into exactly how it is used today as well as throughout history. The more knowledge one has the stronger it makes them because the tools necessary to heal from this strategy can be found in its understanding.

This brilliant and tactical strategy is known as “Divide and Conquer”.

The European culture came to American and placed this method into effect against the native peoples. They broke up the trust within the sacred circle of the tribes. They pitted them against each other by breaking up the family energy. After a while this separation from what the people once knew gave rise to self punishment and through this mind set came addictions. Of course this tactic was not just used in the Americas but all around the globe from Africa to Tibet, Europe to Australia and on and on. The Central Government has been working this strategy for an amazing long time! And look at what they have achieved. Families on all continents are broken and scattered. Children are shipped away to a building where they are taught a heavily monitored and controlled knowledge base. High costs of living force parents to work many jobs and remain away from home. Addictions throughout every culture are at epidemic levels. The Central Government continues to quickly tighten its death grip upon the societies of the world. The Sacred Circle of tribe/family/social health and balanced strength have dwindled like a dammed river.

Divide and Conquer relies upon cutting the circle that truly contains our baseline feeling of wholeness. From there the many facets of the mind, body and spirit are separated and controlled.

But there is hope! There is always hope from those who wish to look and learn. Unfortunately most people I meet today are so afraid of learning the truth that they act blind and create any excuse to avoid a situation where they could learn to reclaim their own inner power by understanding exactly how this tactic is and has been used around the globe. BUT for those who are ready and do wish to understand and use this knowledge as a power point to fully reclaim their lives, I teach this through courses.  One in particular is called Mind Control & Programming Reality. Many people see this title and fear takes over. However, this course is not about playing on people’s fears, nor is it about ‘doom and gloom’. Instead this course is about giving people facts easily seen and then showing them how they can use this knowledge to go deep within and heal themselves- to embrace the wholeness within which will allow them to regain true strength of body, mind and spirit. This cannot be accomplished if people do not know the facts behind the illness of separation; division of the circle. It is hard to heal a disease if you refuse to see that the disease exists and take the time to learn about it so you know best how to heal from it.

 The time of separation needs to come to an end and the rejoining of the great circle of wholeness must reclaim its rightful place in this world.


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