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This is the Element Mountain1 week Intensive Deer Tracks Program for eligible applicants.
The Deer Tracks Program is set up to allow the student the opportunity to spend one full week of high quality time in the wilderness of the Vermont Mountains. The student will be living in the wilderness 24 hours a day for 7 days in a backcountry primitive camp set-up.
During this program the student will be able to fully immerse themselves in whatever skills/focus they have decided upon prior to the start of the Deer Tracks Program.

The Deer Tracks Program can be partaken by individuals or as a double person team. This team can be friends, couples or two people who wish to take the program but not as a solo expedition.

During the program what is presented is geared to the specifics of the individual or team. In other words you can embark upon this journey with a personal goal set fully intact. As with the Bear Forest Program, some students come with the wish to learn how to feel at peace with the wilderness, some come to better learn wilderness skills. Others come with the intent to learn to discover deeper and more complex and vast aspects of themselves while some utilize the time and teachings as a form of deep self healing. Yet others utilize the time as a personal “rite of passage” into whatever level of life they are evolving into. Whatever it is you seek from the experience, the program will be shifted to accommodate through the skills sets offered.

Remember that this Deer Tracks Program will be designed to your specific desires in the realm of personal learning. It is laid out for those who cannot or do not wish to embark upon the very intensive Apprenticeship Program, but rather wish to journey for a shorter period of time to focus on desired skills in a wilderness setting.

Those taking the Deer Tracks Program will be staying full-time in the mountains of Vermont in a primitive “camping” setting. The location of the “base camp” will be within a 20 to 30 minute walk from Ways Of the Wild Institute. Cell phones are allowed for emergency use. White Wolf will be walking to the base camp every day of the students stay. Weather will not hinder training as this program runs rain or shine.

The reason this Deer Tracks program is laid out in this way is so the student can get a very real feeling of what true wilderness living is all about without having to go into prolonged situations. It is laid out in a fashion which allows fair time for the student to reflect upon life and themselves and perhaps discover areas of them they have not yet found. The skills and working with the land assists this process of self discovery. Lessons learned in this program and deep in the Vermont wilderness can be taken with the student into any walk of life, job and path they so choose. What is learned here is not meant to stay here or only be practical in the wilderness, but rather to fully enhance the student’s life on all levels. The fact is that this program is for those who want to embark upon a wilderness experience but are unable to go long term for whatever reason. The Deer Tracks Program allows the student to venture into the wilderness and delve into practicality in a timeframe that is easy to work with. Are you ready? If so this Deer Tracks Program may very well be for you!

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