Rite of the Medicine Wheel

September 9th, 2012 by

Rite of the Medicine Wheel 


The Medicine Wheel is an ancient and sacred structure that has been created and utilized by pre-technological peoples for thousands of years. Many natural materials have been used in the construction of Medicine Wheels depending not only upon where they are located, but also upon the type of energy their design was intended to invoke. Even though the materials vary greatly from wheel to wheel, the baseline construction and sacred pattern is the same.

Today many thousands of Medicine Wheels exist around the globe. Some are ancient ruins and others are more recently built and used frequently. The building of the Medicine Wheel is a ceremonial act in itself. My childhood Teacher, Meechgalanne, taught me the sacred way to construct Medicine Wheels and I have done so in many areas of North America. The process of a Medicine Wheel construction is a type of Rite that all involved must walk through. Everything from the site selection to the specific materials involved; from the communication with the energy of the materials to the full understanding of each sacred position must be taken into account. Every rock (or other selected material) has a specific place within the Wheel and this position must be fully understood. Offerings and prayers to each placement must also be given during the Wheel’s creation. The direction of movement, entering and exiting must also be honored. I have been using the energy of the Medicine Wheel for over 25 years.

During this course all students/participants will be fully involved in not only the learning about the sacred Medicine Wheel and all its parts, but actually constructing one in a traditional Medicine Wheel ceremony. The Rite of the Medicine Wheel is an ancient practice and tradition that spans continents and still holds great power and vast meaning today. In this course you will not only learn this Rite, but will also learn how to bring the power of the Medicine Wheel into your life, wherever you live. Variations and specific design fluctuations will be discussed. If something is not practical, what use does it have? If you build a Wheel on the top of a mountain that you visit once a year, what good is it to your daily growth? The Medicine Wheel is an energy that should be utilized frequently so that one my come to understand the many dynamics and personal evolutions found within this sacred creation. You will be taught how to make this a reality in your life. As with everything, it is ultimately up to you.

The Medicine Wheel is not a religion and has no roots in religion. It is a philosophy that acknowledges and honors the practical nature of this life and can therefore be embraced and fit into the lives of anyone from any style religious background. Each stone is an energy symbolizing a very unique and specific aspect of this earth that we all call home, each element, the primal foundational blocks of life itself, the seasons and their fluxes, the moons and the lessons involved within each growing and passing month of the year and so on.

The Wheel is a powerful tool and potent structure that contains the deepest and most unique lessons to every person who sturdies it. For me personally I can say the Medicine Wheel has saved my life many times.

During this time you will be learning the Medicine Wheel:

  • basic history
  • site location considerations
  • philosophy dynamics
  • structure
  • components
  • energies/ “Medicines”
  • specific focuses
  • proper way to construct
  • variations
  • baseline spirituality of the Wheel (not religion but foundational principles that can fit any religion)
  • and more…

This is an outdoor event rain or shine. In the event of rain a basic tarp shelter will be present for discussion, note taking and eating lunch.

Since this is the Medicine Wheel we do not demand a specific payment. This event is  donation based. All we require is that everyone participating offer something as an energy exchange. All things beneficial must be based upon even/fair energy exchange. This event is an all day activity. Our suggested monetary donation is $75.00.

For details or to sign up please email us at info@elementmountain.com


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