My first traditional Vision Quest came when I was quite young in the Appalachian Mountains. The Quest is an ancient traditional practice of self spirituality and deeper connection to life, physical and non-physical. It is a highly personal time in which the individual delves into themselves, in such a way as to surrender all they are conditioned to think they are to themselves. It is there that they literally face their core.

There were and still are many variations of the Quest. This is highly dependent to the location and unique traditions of select tribes of people. Water Quests, Vision Quests, Darkness Quests, Night of Solitude, Sweats, and on and on the list goes. All have the same purpose and intent behind the practices- self exploration, connection and above all else- VISION. Pre-technological people believed highly in the Vision. They felt that everyone needed a Vision to guide them through life in order to align them with their purpose and balance. The Vision is a sacred thing that is unique to everybody. There are many types of visions, but the highest vision for the self is the Life Vision; the Vision that shows the path we have created for ourselves and the purpose we have set before ourselves in order to evolve into higher states of being.

Three Main Types of Vision:

  1. Self Understanding – the vision is self explanatory and complete
  2. Fog Vision – a vision that slowly materializes into completion over time and perhaps a number of quests
  3. Sunrise Vision – a whole vision that comes in sleep that can wake a person up from the inside out

As everything in existence, dictated by the Universal Laws, a Vision is gained through the giving of something else. To gain we must give. The universe dictates that there must be even exchange in order for balance to remain, or for balance to be regained. The Vision Quest was designed for just this purpose, to give in order to gain that which we seek- Vision.

Without Vision we are subject to the whim of others wills. Without Vision we walk blind and without purpose. Vision gives us everything. The world of spirit continually communicates with us all. Most people today are so distracted and weakened by modern life that the inner ears and eyes have forgotten to see and hear this communication. Even though this communication never stops. The Vision Quest allows us the space and deeper intent to realign ourselves with our inner ears and eyes so that we can surpass the baggage in order to gain a glimpse of, or full on sight of our Vision.

The Vision Quest has also been called the Little Death because it is a time where complete surrender occurs within the self and humility becomes reality. The fragility of flesh becomes undeniable and the door into the spirit opens fully. Only through this surrender do we find that which is always there, but which we have forgotten. Equal exchange.

Typically the quest is 4 days and 4 nights within the Quest Circle that you build; just you and the Great Spirit of all life in a communion of the soul. No distractions, just the sacred whispers of life within your spirit showing you that which you seek- Vision, Purpose and self alignment. The powerful feeling of self worth and joy when knowing your gifts, unique purpose upon the path you walk cannot be matched nor outdone. Within the shadows of your life are found the sacred secrets you have forgotten and misplaced. Modern society calls them hindrances and superstitious folly. Once you find them, reconnect with your core power you will see and know on your deepest level that nothing could be further than the truth.

In this tradition there are many months of requirements and tasks necessary to properly prepare the body, mind and spirit for the Vision Quest. You cannot just jump right in and expect results. Life does not work like that. There must be full commitment, dedication and patience in order to have a chance at gaining a vision during a quest. Not every quest yields vision. And most visions are not grand and fantastical like some people claim. Visions are mostly subtle and slow, like rich sap running slowly up from the roots of an ancient tree in spring, eventually filling and feeding the tree for its sacred growing season.

Before the actual Vision Quest there are numerous meetings and 4 main tasks that must be partaken that will lend an individual perspective, insight, alignment and proper mindset for the 4 days and 4 nights, or whatever amount of time is agreed upon. (the time period of the actual quest can be geared to individual needs and desires) Each meeting will reveal more details of the entirety of the Vision Quest and prayer offerings’ for the individual’s sacred journey. Each task starts with a prayer offering and after there is usually a meeting to fully discuss the experiences found within the task and answer any questions.

Only once all of that is completed and the body, mind and spirit are ready will the actual 4 day, 4 nights Vision Quest begin. However, the fullness of the Quest starts once the individual has committed to the journey.

My first Vision Quest was when I was 13 winters old. To this day I have partaken of the Quest a great many times. The tradition of the Quest that I was raised in was given to me by my Teacher who was of the Lenape tradition. Today I am available to assist and guide others along their sacred journey of the Vision Quest and even though the journey of the Quest adheres to the pattern of that tradition, I do not claim to be Lenape or teach the traditions of their People. This style of Vision Quest was taught to me over many years with my Teacher’s intent that I would be able to guide others through the sacred process for the purpose of the Quest, not personal gain, claiming Native rights or any other self serving purpose. I respectfully uphold this intent today.

I, White Wolf, assist Vision Quest journeying individuals in the preparations for the sacred journey within and to spirit. The proper support, methods and ceremony are  given in order that each individual enter the sacred state and prepare the inner grounds to embark fully upon this life changing journey.

The Vision Quest is for the individual and the world, personal and sacred. The Quest is a commitment to the self, your heart, mind and spirit. The Quest has been used for thousands of years around the world and is still used today because of its power and results.

Please be aware that because of the time commitments of guiding people through their Vision Quests I cannot feasible accept everybody who asks. If you seek there might be a waiting list. For interested individuals please contact White Wolf at 802-349-0601 or through email at info@elementmountain.com

All Quests guided by White Wolf take place in Vermont. White Wolf has quested many times in many varying traditions throughout his life. He has been leading Vision Quests since 2007. Unlike many Vision Quest mentors out there today, White Wolf does not ask for or require money to guide quests.


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