Winter Wilderness Walk of the Spirit

January 13th, 2013 by

Winter Wilderness Walk of the Spirit


With snow billowed upon the land like clouds covering the earth and sleeping trees jutting to the sky like long stands of kelp under the vast sea we will wander. The distant and ancient calls of the raven flying somewhere over the forever rolling mountains and deep tracks of the elusive deer tell of life existing around us in the quietness of the winter landscape. Perhaps under heavy skies and in blowing snow or across shadows made by the bright sun shining through the barren canopy of the winter forest we will wander.

The winter landscape in the Vermont Mountains is a specialty to behold within the heart. Tantalizing the senses the clear crisp winter air fills the lungs with life and the stillness, that unique quietness that can only be found in the sleepy frozen forests sings to the soul. Icy waters run with deep soft lullabies under thick sheets of heavy ice covering the waterways. The ancient energy and wisdom of the land whispers to the spirit within as an arcane aria that beckons the roots of all we are.

Woven in the web of a sacred tapestry called life we dance in our own unique way; we sing from the depths of our hearts from our own songs. In the Winter Wilderness Walk of the Spirit we wander the winter landscape for a day to experience, truly and with all our beings experience the power of life within the frozen wilds.

Guided by White Wolf you will trek on snowshoes or upon ice cleats (depending upon the weather) into the wilderness of northern Vermont. Here White Wolf will lead you through deep energy tapping methods which will allow you to enter the inherent knowing of wisdom found within the elements of your very being. These methods were taught to him by his childhood Native American teacher and he shares these powerful techniques with you during this day in the wilderness. Along this wander you will learn these techniques which will instruct you in:

  • Tapping into the Water
  • Tapping into the Earth
  • Tapping into the energy of Winter
  • Tapping into the ancient energy of the Trees and the Forest itself
  • You will also learn to tap into the Boulders that strewn the land
  • He will teach you how to energetically align with all of these after tapping the energy
  • Onward you will learn how to find the sacred place within the threads of your personal tapestry of Self that contains the uniqueness of each of the above mentioned

These are but some of the techniques you will be doing in this Winter Wilderness Walk of the Spirit. Please be advised that even though the walk will not involve miles upon miles of hardcore winter trekking that the terrain and winter conditions can make for a challenging experience for those not used to it. If you are in decent shape this will be rated as an easy class for you, but if you are out of shape this can be rated more as a moderately strenuous class. Please know your abilities and respect them for the safety of yourself and the quality of the class and experience of others.



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