Cut Corners Destroy Local

July 9th, 2013 by

I must get out to teach apprentices today so this is a short and direct article in response to numerous inquiries to the same topic. The topic is the Ways Of The Wild Institute dvd sets and cd sets and why is it that I do not hook up with one of the many websites that offer streaming videos as opposed to the way I do it now; offering real dvd sets that go through the mail.

This is a good question brought up by many and if we look around we can see many businesses going that route, streaming as opposed to real sets being mailed. At first glance it seems wise since it reduces costs of production, packaging and handling as well as the time involved. However, if you are reading my website you should know by now that I never just look at a glance…

Ways Of The Wild Institute is privately owned and I run the whole thing by myself. This is not a corporate and mulit-owner establishment. It is run out of my humble house that sits far up a dirt road in the mountains of Northern Vermont. I have no employees and so must do all my own work. Usually I work seven days a week, but I do not get paid for seven days a week. Not even close. Many of you know how much work I do for no charge. I do all the planning, scheduling, teaching, filming, editing, article writing, website work, phone calls, emailing, consults, advertising, bills, shipping, etc…

The one thing I do is walk what I talk. I live what I say. One thing that I am known for saying is to support local business and small business owners. This helps take power away from corporations that have taken over the world. It also helps to support the economy in all its healthy diversity…something corporations offer none of. The powers that be run off of corporations. The military runs off of corporations and the global control structure runs off of corporations. Jobs are being shuffled overseas left and right taking away jobs and thus ways of making money for the local people.

Website streaming is just another way to assist that destructive process. Website streaming removes the local artists that I use to create my beautiful packaging and advertising art. It removes the hard working local businesses that create the packaging and duplicate all my dvds and cds. The Turning Mill is also privately owned and has a mere 4 employees. It removes the United States Postal Service and all the local hardworking folk that work there that many corporations are trying to get rid of.

Though in the short glance it would seem that website streaming of my dvd and cd products would be wise, but looking at the reality and larger global picture I cannot consciously embrace website streaming to save a few bucks while at the same time working to put all those hard working people out of business. Website streaming is done by a few people who sit in small offices far away from the “source” creating a “product” that is not even real. It is all virtual based. Call me old fashioned but when I buy something I want to see it, feel it and understand through thankfulness that many hardworking people in small businesses working for themselves and local communities helped to create that product. I want to feel sound that these local businesses are working hard to keep corporations and virtual companies from completely taking over the world and the entire global economy.

It is for those reasons and more that I remain making dvds and cds to sell instead of buying into the website streaming technology to cut corners and save money. I would rather spend that extra money to support what I believe to be one of the remaining holdfasts standing against big business and corporate takeover. Those are my feelings and my reasons.


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