Sexual Energy- the practical truth

July 3rd, 2013 by

Covered in this course you will find the Practical Truths about the most powerful creative force in all physical life and one of the most misunderstood, abused of all energies. In a world of stress, strain, materialistic pursuits the potent Sexual Energy that courses through all living creatures falls by the wayside and becomes prey to severe imbalances and waste.

Some of the many details covered in this course are:

  • Balance verses imbalance
  • 3 main energies of the body
  • Relationships of the 3 energies
  • Multipurpose of sexual energy
  • Origins of sexual programming/control factors
  • Practical body matrix facts
  • Sexual energy origins within the body
  • Cycles and flows
  • Sexual health practices
  • Sexual energy focus points
  • Directing sexual energy
  • Sexual energy and intent
  • Sexual energy verses love
  • Sexual energy and relationships
  • Daily sexual health exercises
  • Solo and partner focus
  • Drains and leaks
  • Pressure maps
  • Organ associations
  • And more!

If you have ever questioned sexual energy and its underlying purposes and how it relates to all life; if you have ever wondered how to utilize your sexual energy in the most balanced directions and if the primal sexual energy of your body and all life intrigued you then this course will assist you along your pursuit for truth.

This is a two day course during which time a great deal of highly practical information will be presented. Do not forget your notebooks! Upon the placement of your deposit you will receive an email containing full details of location, time, things to bring with you and anything else pertinent to the class.


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