Roots of the Warrior

September 3rd, 2013 by


The Roots of the Warrior, like an ancient bristlecone pine that has stood for almost 5,000 years enduring and surpassing all that life has brought to its rocky slope. The Roots of the Warrior; as the foundations of a mountain that has towered above valleys for millions of years being assaulted by the elements and seasons, but still standing. The Roots of the Warrior, standing within the ragged edges of the world, in the shadows without ego yet embracing a purpose few can carry for long.

Such is a question that rides upon the hearts of many; how does a warrior stand in today’s world of severe adversity and what exactly is a warrior? Where does the Roots of the Warrior come from, what do they feed upon and what holds then strong in the face of the ages? How do warriors differ in life and what makes a warrior in today’s world?

How can a warrior walk through life today in balance with the sheer amount of pressure from the mass bombardment of wicked organizations, factions, energies/frequencies manipulated; hordes of mind controlled slaves and off-world influences both physical and multi-dimensional in orientation?

Who better to answer and speak deeply on such a topic than White Wolf Von Atzingen, a true warrior in every aspect? Author of Shadow Scorpion; memoirs of an assassin. Trained in the old ways of a Native Scout when he was a child, fighting in street-fight rings for many years, attaining black belt level in multiple martial art disciplines, reaching Grandmaster level in Small Circles of 5 Animals Jujitsu, completing 3 years of elite CIA training, participating in elite military unit training, working for 13 years in combat oriented duties for the government, healing from countless injuries and traumas, transforming his mind, heart and spirit into levels of balance and integrity through the sacred evolutions out of his violent past and into his current life of helping others…

In this class White Wolf goes into great depth and dynamic in discussing and presenting the reality of a warrior and their place and purpose within life. Through his own extensive experiences within a life as a warrior in this modern world and spanning many simultaneous lifelines he brings perspective few speak of today in terms of where exactly the Roots of the Warrior come from and how it is they remain strong and enduring or crumble like parched earth.

Some of the topics that are discussed in this class are:

  • Warriors through the ages
  • Evolution of a Warrior
  • Placement of a Warrior today
  • Purpose of the Warrior
  • Types of modern Warriors
  • How to walk as a Warrior today
  • Finding the Warrior inside us all
  • How to attain balance as a Warrior
  • Walking in Neutrality
  • Warrior of Peace
  • What a Warrior is Not
  • Techniques to Endure
  • Techniques to Surpass
  • Techniques to Release
  • Techniques to Transform the Heart
  • Methods to stay Light in a world of Heavy
  • Dealing with Guilt
  • Dealing with the Pain
  • Shedding Illusions
  • Owning up to Deeds Done
  • A Warrior without ego and machismo involved
  • and more…

In this class you will be able to ask questions directly to White Wolf concerning the topic and life of a warrior. Do you want to find the warrior inside you? Have you questions dealing with your own warrior earthwalk? Do you simply wish to learn more about the perspective of a warrior in life? Why not come and learn from a true warrior that has lived his whole life in the energy and deeds of a genuine warrior? Find out how White Wolf has managed to live a warrior’s life and attained a state of balance, equilibrium and the utmost focus and inner resolve through the evolution of his path. Continually enduring pain and severe adversity, almost losing his life many times along his treacherous terrain and yet he remains genuine in heart and mind, striving to help others and upholding a level of integrity most cannot fathom… come and find out how; discover how you might create such solidity and self integrity within your own life of adversity.

You don’t have to be combat trained or have participated on the battlegrounds of war to be a warrior. Join White Wolf in Vermont and find out inside skills of the trade to transform your life. This course is not about violence, but rather transformation and learning how to deal with extreme adversity in the life of standing up for yourself, what you believe and for others who do not yet have a voice of their own.



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