Air Medicine:

The Air element has different states of being. Each state contains its own unique energy within the Air Medicine:

  • Dry
  • Humid
  • Wind
  • Contained- within water- within earth…
  • Breath

The dry state of air is light and rising in nature. It tends to move more quickly and disperse easily. It is well suited for carrying the earth element which is its contrast.

In the humid state air of course mixes and carries the water element. This is the state in which the mind mixes with the heart to form a unity of purpose. It tends to move slower but with more force and resolve when it does.

Wind of course is the ultimate dance of air, the free expression that drives air to attain the lowest and highest levels of the atmosphere. The wind is the high active state of the air element and can be found in all places with change.

The containment of air within the particles of water or the deep caverns of earth make for a very special form of air medicine. It is in this state that air becomes the soul of another element…

Breath is the most refined and powerful form of the air element. Breath indeed keeps all life alive and gives everything the opportunity to evolve into higher states of being. The breath aspect of air is the connective force between the spirit and the physical.

Everyone who possesses the air element as their main element can experience these different energies of air’s state within their bodies and lives. This can be confusing to those who are not educated in all the ways of air. Many are misguided and misinformed because of this lack of understanding.

To understand what actually “air in balance” is, we must look to air’s relationship in physical reality as listed above. Air is affected by all life, every physical and non-physical form and energy. Air is the one element that is completely non-physical in that which we cannot see it, only feel and experience it. This occurs outside the human body as well as inside.

Air is associated with thought and intuition. So to understand how the air is within an individual you must first understand these different stages of air and their associated representations. Once you understand this, you can then look at the balance of each phase of air within the air element individual.

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