Earth Medicine

November 17th, 2013 by

Earth Medicine:

The Earth element has different states of being. Each state contains its own unique energy within the Earth Medicine:

  • Clay
  • Silt
  • Loam
  • Sand
  • Crystalline

Each of the above types of earth contains a unique Medicine quality of the total Earth element. When we break them down to specifically focus on each individually we can learn a great deal about what the Earth element and its associated medicine qualities actually are. When taken further we can discover an amazing amount of highly practical and powerful information that can assist us in exploring the earth element within ourselves.

To understand what actually “earth in balance” is, we must look to earth’s relationship in physical reality as listed above. Earth is affected by all life, every physical and non-physical form and energy. Earth is the one element in which all of our physical reality that we stand firmly upon as it is truly our foundation. Even our spiritual power relies upon our connection to the earth element so long as we are within a physical body.

The dynamics of how earth affects us internally as well as externally is quite vast and extremely powerful. It matters not whether or not we understand these connections for them to exist, but it becomes essential to understand if we are to gain balanced control of it in our own lives.

For earth people this element is most important to study and understand, but as all elements, one relies upon the other and all have their opposites which can be their greatest teachers.

Earth is associated with foundations and fertility, knowing and grounding. So to understand how the earth is within an individual you must first understand these different stages of earth and their associated representations. Once you understand this, you can then look at the balance of each phase of earth within the earth element individual.

So why not come on out to Element Mountain and discover the secrets of the ancient Earth Medicine.


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