Fire Medicine

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Fire Medicine:

The fire element has different states of being. Each state contains its own unique energy within the Fire Medicine:

  • Liquid- molten
  • Gaseous
  • Electricity
  • Flame
  • Variant Temperature  

In the liquid state it can go through many transformations in quality. Everything from raging to stagnant; boiling to explosive.

In the Gaseous state the fire is no longer within physical reality at all, but instead has transformed into the realm of the non-physical completely. This is one state in which fire is most unpredictable since it can burst forth into flame or explosion anywhere at any moment.

The Electricity state of fire is truly a potent form of refined fire. It contains one of the highest and purest forms of Fire Medicine.

Flame of course is the quintessential form of the fire element, the classical energy dance of fire. The flame exists both within the physical and non-physical simultaneously and so contains the unified perspective of purity between both levels of reality.

Within the fire element we find a wide range of temperature levels that are of course correspond to the style and formation of the fire energy itself. It also is determined by the surrounding environment the fire exists in at any given time. With temperature variations come color differences as well and all of them determine what kind of point specific energy the fire contains.

Everyone who possesses the fire element as their main element can experience these different energies of fire’s state within their bodies and lives. This can be confusing to those who are not educated in all the ways of fire. Many are misguided and misinformed because of this lack of understanding.

To understand what actually “fire in balance” is, we must look to fire’s relationship in physical reality as listed above. Fire is affected by the vibrations of energy in its location and this includes materials, thoughts, emotions and the dynamics of the other 3 elements. This occurs outside the human body as well as inside.

Fire is associated with spirit and integrity. So to understand how the fire is within an individual you must first understand these different stages of fire and their associated representations. Once you understand this, you can then look at the balance of each phase of fire within the fire element individual.

So come on out to Element Mountain to discover the full range of Fire Medicine and what it all means to life and you personally.


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