Awareness Principles

December 23rd, 2013 by

In our world filled with layer upon layer of imagery in every direction that we can see and feel we are constantly challenged to be aware of what is there. One style of looking just doesn’t cut it if we wish to truly be aware of all that surrounds us along this earthwalk. We need to find and develop skills that our ancestors possessed as well as the countless lifeforms we share the earth with to be successful at true Awareness and its associated principles.

The 6 main forms of Awareness that are discussed and explored in this class are as follows:

  1. Hunter Focus
  2. Grazer Focus
  3. Observer Focus
  4. Day Focus
  5. Night Focus
  6. Dawn and Twilight Focus

Each species upon this earth possesses a unique form of awareness based upon structured principles of its lifestyle and where that lifestyle fits into the environment and energy of its home. Thus we have the 6 forms of Awareness Principles listed above and discussed and explained during this class.

The hunters of the world must have their own form of awareness in order to survive, but that requires a multi-level focus base set firmly on the understanding of the awareness principles of species they hunt.

The grazers possess their own levels of awareness that is essential to their survival. This level of awareness is vastly different than that of the hunter, but just as complex and necessary. They live within different rules that ironically are based upon the same foundations of survival that the hunters are.

Once we move out of the first two main levels of Awareness- Hunter and Grazer, we slip into sublevels. The first and most wide-spread is the Observer. The Observer must learn to adapt to both Hunter and Grazer and come to understand both intimately. This is not to say that all Hunters or all Grazers possess adequate Observer focus levels. However, the best of both learn through the necessity of need the skills of the Observer.

Day focus is of course vastly different than Night focus. The sense and energies change from one to the other, challenging all species to adapt of walk in blindness from within. So it is that we must learn these levels of awareness and how they relate in their own unique and dynamic ways to the other levels of awareness.

The transition times or Gray Zones between night and day are also special times requiring their own Awareness Principles that are an absolute necessity in the context of observation and survival.

During this class you will be learning details and techniques to tap into, harness and being your path of mastery along the many dynamics of Awareness Principles. Come to Element Mountain and learn ancient skills blended with the modern to obtain levels of understanding specific to Awarness so that you can learn to open all that you are able in order to more richly experience all levels of your life.


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