Porcupine Pathways

December 27th, 2013 by

The Porcupine level events are given the category of Porcupine because their energy is much like that of a Porcupine. The spiny porcupine does not travel far and spends most of its time high in treetops eating, sleeping and observing. When it does decided to move it simply goes from one tree to the next in a slow and waddling manner. Even in a rush the porcupine does not appear to be moving very fast.

All Porcupine level events are more stationary as opposed to traveling events. Here at Element Mountain we gauge the Porcupine level events to deep level meditative, spiritual, self exploratory style topics.

More events will be added over time so the selection will continue to grow.

Stone People:

The Old Ones knew that all things of this world are alive and contain the spark of spirit. The ancient rocks are no different and hold wisdom and energy unfathomable by most humans who live in a blink of time compared to the rock elders.

The Old Ones knew how to tap into the spirit of the Stone People and gain understanding to their own life questions. Medicine people from around the world practiced this way through the great understanding they found within the universal web of knowledge. Today we are offering this way to you.

As we sit in the Vermont wilderness you will learn how to tap into the spirit of the Stone People for yourself. Within your own grounded moment and personal power we will teach you how to use this way to begin gaining your own understandings of the knowledge carried by the Stone People.

We will not be walking very far and the terrain will be easy. Just as the gentle Porcupine easily moseys across the forested landscape, so shall we in our pursuit of the Stone People and their wisdom.

Snow Reading:

In the depths of the winter energy we are blessed to have the great white face of the snow blanket to help us see within.

As children many are told of  the medicine of snow. I know I was taught to truly see the snow, each flake as it fell from the Sky Spirit to Mother Earth. Like magic it fell through the air effortless to land ever so softly upon the ground, the rocks, the trees, the animals and birds and me. I bent low and looked closer at the snow to find each flake looked like a Medicine Wheel. Each different, but everyone was laid out like the sacred Medicine Wheel. I found this truly amazing! I turned to my Teacher and asked what this meant. It took a moment for him to answer because he was lost within the power of the snow.

He spoke soft like the snow itself when he said, “The snow contains the vast patterns of our dreams, hopes, aspirations, emotions and memories. Each individual flake is unique from another, just like us. Each flake is shaped like the Medicine Wheel of life and in that shape there are endless possibilities. The snow is alive just like the fire, earth, air, forests, mountains, prairies and all other forms of existence. It shows us that all the patterns within us are also alive with spirit. But snow is frozen water. It is a reminder that we must continue to move through life in our own unique way so we do not freeze; so all our dreams and hopes, desires and aspirations do not freeze solid and fall. It is the heat of the sun that melts the snow so it can be used to water the world. The heat of our own spirit within us continues to heat the course of our unique movements in life so we do not freeze up; so our personal Medicine Wheel remains free.”

I smiled at the snow as it fell. I could feel its energy swirling around and through me with its own spirit; dancing with mine own. Each flake that fell upon me tantalized all that I was. Each flake seemed to fuel my own inner fires of life and forced me to move just like the snow moved as it swirled and fell from the sky. I began to move with a new understanding; a new realization from the snow of winter.

“If we do not allow our dreams and hopes to live they will freeze like water freezes. We must share our dreams with the world. Let them take form like each snowflake so we can all see them. Let us honor each and everyone like we honor the snow that blankets Mother Earth in the winter.

In this class you will be taught how to use the face of the snow to literally Read the snow through “Snow Reading”. You will discover for yourself just how powerful Snow Reading truly is and what it can show you of yourself; how it can led you through frozen terrain within in order to move towards the spring of renewal.



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