On Element Mountain we have what is called the Truth Forest. This is an area that contains the energy of personal challenges laid out in a wilderness setting. In life we are often presented with challenging times and within those times we discover more about ourselves than almost any other time. The reason is simple; the reason is because we find the Need to discover more about who we truly are. It is said that Need is one of the greatest teachers.

In many places people seek out challenges to force themselves to do just that- discover deeper areas within. This discovery path is one that helps us all find our strengths, weaknesses, skills and reality. The path helps guide us to our own truths.

The forest is about life itself. The forest shares within itself with all creatures that dwell and rely upon the ecosystem for survival and living. It is a state of nurturing, contrary to the belief of an untrained eye. Instead of the common myth that all life in the forest is in a severe state of competition, forest life is actually working together for a common purpose- diverse life.

Here on Element Mountain we believe that challenge is necessary and essential to healthy growth. The more we challenge ourselves the more we learn about ourselves and this gives us the wisdom to move ever forward in our Sacred Earthwalks. This is the reason we have the Truth Forest.

The Truth Forest is laid out in three stages of challenge and each is designed for solo exploration and self discovery. Though one of the levels allows multiple participants, the experiences are still very much individual. The three levels are as follows:

  • Forest Deep
  • River Swift
  • Mountain High

Brief Descriptions:


Forest Deep

The Truth Forest’s section known as Forest Deep is a challenge base structured upon old Medicine Ways. Adventures embarking upon this level face themselves in the depths of the Green Mountains and work various skills and tasks suited to the season and environment in such a way that adds mental, physical, emotional and spiritual twists. These twists bring in the true challenge as Adventurers work through the days and nights, progressing at their own ability levels and discovering areas of themselves truly unique and vast. Every task is designed to help Adventurers shed yet another layer of falsehood to discover the truths beneath. Here in the Forest Deep Adventurers find themselves surrounded by tall lush prehistoric ferns, streams sprung from springs and a literal deep forest where at every turn they are faced within none other than themselves.


Swift River

The Swift River level of the Truth Forest is set-up in a wilderness ravine cut by the boulder filled river that is fed by cold water springs here in the mountains. Birch, hemlock, maples, ash, aspen, spruce, pine, cherry, elm and oak make up the incredibly beautiful forests that contain the river. Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world the Swift River level is a perfect environment to unlock the truth hidden within the self, rediscover the inner child, and reform bonds with the natural world and with each other.

This is a great class for individuals as well as partners or small groups wishing to gain a better understanding of themselves, abilities and group potential by delving into natural challenges of the land and water.


Mountain High

As opposed to the Deep Forest and Swift River, Mountain High does not deal with any water energy, but rather the energy of the mountain and sky. In this setting Adventurers embark upon skills and tasks designed to penetrate held falsehoods within the self to access and shed breath upon the core truths using the energy of the mountain. The challenges found in the Mountain High section work with the navigation of the tangles and ridges to learn to unlace the tangles within the self and walk solidly on the shoulders of a solid foundation of their core.

In every level participants are faced with challenge no matter what level of life they have attained. Each section is designed to test, to challenge in select ways to assist the participants find that which they seek within- the Truth. In Truth Forest some of the greatest lessons of lie can be learned. Lessons such as humility, self worth, self understanding, balance, strengths, weaknesses, limitations, boundaries, sense of pride, sense of personal power, creativity, a true feeling of internal freedom and so many more.

For more details about each level of Truth Forest email us and inquire. In return you will receive a pdf document containing the details. Please remember that due to the very nature of Truth Forest we do not divulge every detail concerning the challenges. A big part of the lessons gained through personal experience are the surprises based upon the unknown. With that said please remember that safety is our first priority.


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