Water Medicine

December 23rd, 2013 by

Water is the life blood of all life upon this earth. In this oxygen dominated ecosystem we all require water, and lots of it for our very survival. It is indeed one of the 4 sacred Elements and an absolute necessity for all of us.

In this class you will be learning all about the Medicine of Water. Everything from the various states in the external world as well as those states within the inner world of the self. We will cover in great detail not only what the overall Medicine of Water is in this life, but where to find it within and how it relates physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

You will also learn what a Water Element person is and discover all that it means to be a Water Element life form. This will include the opposites, compliment energies, challenges, strengths, abilities and unique Medicines.

The element water has different states of being:

  • Fluid (both Salt and Fresh)
  • Steam/ Vapor
  • Snow                                                                                    
  • Ice
  • Stagnant
  • Moving/ Flowing

In the fluid state it can go through many transformations in quality. Everything from raging to stagnant; boiling to a fraction above freezing.

In the Vapor state the water is no longer within physical reality, but instead has transformed into the realm of the non-physical. Steam is the in-between state when water is in the state of transforming out of the physical world and into the non-physical world. This is waters lightest and fastest moving period.

Snow is the water element that has not entirely frozen into the mass and density of ice. Instead it has billowed and trapped air around it which gives it another quality.

Ice is water that has solidified into the elements most physical form. Here it gains density, connected mass and its slowest form of movement.

Salt, this is a highly conductive for of water and contains a crystalline form of the earth as a stabilizer.

Fresh, the purest form of water and the easiest to tap into and use on all levels.

Stagnant water is that which is filled with the old, suffocating within itself.

Flowing is waters purest state of being in the physical world. This is the state that brings creation through water itself as it carves uniquely through the land.

Everyone who possesses the water element as their main element can experience these different energies of water’s state within their bodies and lives. This can be confusing to those who are not educated in all the ways of water. Many are misguided and misinformed because of this lack of understanding.

To understand what is actually “water in balance”, we must look to waters relationship in physical reality as listed above. Water is affected by the gravitational pull in life. When the moon rises, so does water because the moons gravitational pull literally pulls on the water element. When the moon is on the wane the water relaxes and begins once again to sink into its heavier nature within the physical world. This occurs outside the human body as well as inside.

Water is associated with emotions. Refined emotions that are properly released and transformed show as water in the vapor stage. Raw emotions show as water in its fluid stage. Frozen emotions trapped deep within are the ice. Emotions that are beginning to freeze into the most solid form are like snow. So to understand how the water is within an individual you must first understand these different stages of water and their associated representations. Once you understand this, you can then look at the balance of each phase of water within the water element individual.

So come on out to Element Mountain to discover the full range of Water Medicine and what it all means to life and you personally.


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