Wolf Pathways

December 27th, 2013 by

The Wolf level events are given the category of Wolf because their energy is much like that of a Wolf. The wolf, like the bobcat is a traveler and explorer, but with much more territory. The wolf is the master traveler and explorer, pathfinder and seeker. Following the energy of the wolf into the wilds will bring to you experiences so rich and potent they will never be forgotten.

All Wolf level events are geared towards advanced traveling and discovery along the way. Here at Element Mountain we gauge the Wolf level events to a wide range of challenging travels over a largely varied terrain to guide you into areas of wilderness you may have otherwise never found or embarked upon yourself. Though these wanderings we seek to find lessons off the beaten path and experience life and its marvelous details within a more endurance state of being.

More events will be added over time so the selection will continue to grow.


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