Art of Tracking

February 28th, 2014 by

turkey-handThe ancient art of Tracking is well observed still today on every continent by all forms of life. It is truly alive and well in the world we know and exists from the highest reaches of our atmosphere to the deep levels of soil beneath our feet. From ocean depth to desert floor, rock and ice, snow and mud; from flower petal to dark of night tracking exists and remains one of the most powerful observational skills of life.

Every hunter as well as every creature life might call “prey” understands the art of tracking because their very survival depends upon it. More so, tracking is a form, an art that allows each of us to tap deeper and more multidimensional levels of our existence. Without the skills of tracking we wander blindly across the landscape, yes even cityscape and this inability to utilize and understand tracking skills is the one reason so many feel so alone upon a world filled with life.

So many people wander through the outdoors and see no animals only seemingly empty sections of landscape and ecosystems around them. To the untrained this then would be a perfect situation where one might indeed feel alone, almost lost in the outdoors. Without feeling a part of the life around, without understanding tracking, at least on some level it can be all too easy to feel isolated in a world teeming with life.

Here on Element Mountain we understand the importance of this ancient art form that is essential to the survival of all living in the real world beyond the isolated and illusionary boarders of the “modern human world”. This is why we teach by showing those interested in tapping this incredible and truly vast form or life- Tracking!

In this class you will be led into the natural world here in Vermont to discover just what Tracking actually is and what it can teach you for the rest of your life. Did you realize that the art of tracking can assist you in not only broadening your awareness of the world but also help you improve many areas of your life from family, relationships, job, finances, healing and so on? Well it can and we will show you how.

Every track and track pattern contains an entire book of reality that goes far beyond simple animal identification. Most people teaching tracking teach the art but in limited formats, or in formats that include far too many hidden secrets that they will not unveil and could take you decades of hardcore study to figure out. Here we give you the tools, show you by example and then it is up to you to take it into whatever facet of your life you wish and do the rest. We understand how challenging life can be, so we hide nothing from you. We help you connect the dots by giving you all the dots.

Here in the Art of Tracking you will not only discover more about what is all around you, but what is inside you and how the two meet, relate and weave worlds together. Physical tracking and Spirit Tracking rely upon knowing thyself…

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