4 Inner Worlds

April 17th, 2014 by

It is well known through the deeper and more traditional shaman practices of the 4 worlds, or levels of reality that connect to us all. Within this concept are drawn dynamic paths of understanding and journeys to attain wisdom. Unlike many spiritual practices that are around today, the way the 4 inner world are taught here on Element Mountain does not journey outward into the planes of the astral, but rather inward to encompass the most powerful and safe aspects of self exploration.

During this class we will be delving deeply into the 4 Inner Worlds in discussions, explanation, locations and purposes. You will also learn how to properly access each of these Inner Worlds and you will be show how to discover and navigate each of them.

The 4 inner worlds of self:

  1. Upper
  2. Middle
  3. Lower
  4. Under

You will have adequate time for each internal journey that will be led by the rhythmic heartbeat resonance traditional of such internal pathways of exploration.

Inside the self is a vast landscape containing every piece of knowledge we will ever need along this sacred earthwalk. Found laced with the energy of the self exists these 4 Inner Worlds. Each has a place and purpose, each a unique energy and power unto itself… and they are all you. The trick is finding your way into them successfully and learning to navigate them to attain that which you seek.

In this class you will be learn just that, how to find your way into the 4 Inner Worlds of yourself. Upon your journeys in this class you will find the gateways into your worlds as well as come to understand how to enter them and observe or interact with yourself within each world.

Before the class is through you will have a solid understanding of the following:

  1. What preliminaries to do before the 4 Inner World journeys
  2. How to access each of the 4 Inner Worlds individually
  3. How to be an observer within self
  4. How to interact properly within each of the 4 Inner Worlds
  5. How to actually work within each World
  6. How to interoperate what you find
  7. How to remember what you experienced after you return

You will want to remember to bring your notebooks for this class as much information will be presented. Come to Element Mountain and learn to discover the 4 Sacred Worlds within!


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