Nature through Lenses

April 13th, 2014 by

Scheduled – August 7, 2016

Cost – $60.00

Length – 5 hours

Preregistration required – email to inquire

Have you ever wanted to be able to see the natural world through the lens of a camera in a way that captures so perfectly the true dynamics of life around you? The natural world is filled with some of the most amazing and perfect subjects for the art and nuance of photography. Whether it be in the middle of a deemed wilderness area, the park in a city, your own backyard or even tucked away deeply in one of your house plants; a prefect image is waiting to be found, uncovered and beautifully composed upon film.

A great many people have a passion to be able to capture such beauty and power they see before them, but when faced with the lens they lose the ability to see the proper dynamics that exist in order to embrace the precise moment, the exactness of what they found. That is the reason this class was created.

The eye has the capacity to pick up imagery in such perfection to allow the brain to interpret and literally SEE what is there, before us in life. The eyes themselves are in a way the camera lenses of our brain. Color, shadows, light, distance, composition, line, shape, texture, contrast, form, style, movement, illusion, thought, emotion, taste and smell are just some of the many aspects of life that can be successfully captured upon film if you learn some simple yet powerful techniques of seeing.

In this class you will learn those techniques and learn to open yourself to the lens by becoming the lens and understanding how its limitations can become its power and drive. This class will take place outdoors in the Vermont landscape. What a perfect place to study how to see Nature through Lenses!

It will be an all day class during which you will be required to have your own camera. The style camera does not matter. If you have an expensive 35mm multi-lens camera or a more common digital class camera both will work fine. You will find out that some of the most common and inexpensive cameras work just as well as capturing incredible images if you know how. For the full day class it will be best if your camera, whatever make, is digital so that you can see in real-time what kind of images you are taking and use them as learning tools. Make sure your batteries are fully charged and you have enough memory on your cards before you show up.

A full equipment list and details will be emailed to you upon preregistration.

All images on this page were taken by White Wolf who will be teaching this class.


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