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In certain Native American and other Aboriginal cultures around the world it was and in some areas still is part of the belief system that there are “spirits that exist in all things”. But what does that mean? What does it mean to have “spirits” existing in “all things”? Where do these spirits come from? Are they astral in nature, perhaps interdimensional beings? Maybe they are something else all together.

The Manetuwak was one such name for this energy that loose modern translation terms “spirits that exist in all things”. I say “loose” because what the name Manetuwak means is far more than just “spirits that exist in all things”.

In this course the reality of the Manetuwak is revealed in straight forward, easy to understand communication format. Details such as:

  • What is the Manetuwak
  • Where does the Manetuwak come from
  • How is reality laid out within and around the Manetuwak
  • What purpose and placement does the Manetuwak have
  • How does the Manetuwak affect us
  • What is our relationship with a Manetuwak
  • Are there more than one Manetuwak
  • Where does a Manetuwak exist
  • Can we communicate with a Manetuwak
  • Does the Manetuwak communicate with us
  • What is prayer and what is meditation in reference to a Manetuwak
  • What connection does the pineal gland or two halves of the brain have with the Manetuwak
  • And more…

Life is complex and yet simple. It is our perceptions of life and all existence that dictate our mental and emotional relationship to it and thus to ourselves. This course is designed to present in a modern way what has been known by pre-technological cultures for tens of thousands of years and one such facet that helped those people attain such high levels of personal power and balance.

Here at Element Mountain we now offer this information to those wishing to explore this level of existence.


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