Welcome to the new Element Mountain website! It was a longtime in the making, but it has finally been completed enough to launch. We are returning like Canadian Geese return in spring. Since it is brand new and wanted to launch as soon as possible, there will be small items that we will continue to work on and as will all new things, the site will have to be worn in a bit and so it is possible you will find small glitches we will need to address.

To all of you that were following Ways Of The Wild Institute and eagerly awaiting the opening of Element Mountain we thank you for your priceless patience and dedication to what we do.

Feel free to browse the website and hopefully you will enjoy what you see. Remember that the Wolf’s Den that was part of the Ways Of The Wild Institute website has been rolled over into Element Mountain. The den has been upgraded to be more user friendly and interactive, so why not track on over and check it out. Everything that was entered into the Wolf’s Den when it began in November of 2013 remains; 235 articles and videos remain fully intact as well as all the comments.

If you find glitches anywhere in the website please inform us at info@elementmountain.com and we will address them. Also if you have any comments about the new site you may email us as well.

And lastly for this note, you can view our schedule to find out what we have coming up as far as classes or events. We will also be posting reminders for classes and events here in the News section, so check back often and we do hope to see you here in the beautiful Vermont wilds on Element Mountain!

~To the Fires of spirit, the Waters of heart, Winds of time and Earth our home~


This content is exclusively for Members of Element Mountain’s Wolf’s Den.

Wolf’s Den is a highly interactive, private area within Element Mountain providing a gem of information reserved exclusively for Wolf’s Den members. Wolf’s Den content contains powerful teachings presented nowhere else.

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