Wilderness Survival Podcast Series

June 13th, 2014 by

Element Mountain is now proud to offer a podcast series ongoing dealing with the details of Wilderness Survival Skills. We understand that many people have a hard time embarking upon a learning path to acquire skills to handle survival situations. For some it is an issue with time, with others it’s money and yet for others still it comes down to a fear; fear of the unknown or the potential of facing discomforts or challenges, fear of facing themselves.

It is for those reasons we have decided to begin this Wilderness Survival Skills Podcast Series. This series is for all of you interested in exploring survival skills on your own time and structured within your own comfort zones. You can take these skills as far as you wish without pressure.

Each podcast will cover a separate skill in a time frame that is convenient. The skills are presented clearly and concisely for your convenience, but each skill presented is in-fact practical with practice. The skills are foundational level for those seeking to begin.

Please keep in mind that watching skills on a podcast, no matter how clearly they are presented, does not take the vital place of learning hands on and face to face. These podcasts are intended to give the viewer a solid taste for what Wilderness Survival entails with the hopes that some will decided they wish to take the next step- physical classes.

Abstract knowledge does not take the place of physical knowledge and in adverse conditions nothing could be more clear.

For those of you wishing to take the upcoming Greenfoot Survival course from June 27-30 of this month, the beginning two podcasts of this series could be a nice focal point and mental head-start if you will.

Wilderness Survival Skills part 1

Wilderness Survival Skills- Adaptability & Ingenuity 


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