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Memory Of Glass

The bright red cardinal sang is short song above me in the giant beech tree. “Pretty, Pretty, Pretty” it sang with a calm sureness that told of its colorful presence cloaked in the bright green of the canopy. As I sat there with my back supported by the old smooth barked tree a memory flashed through my mind. It actually began like a soft fuzz of an image you might see through a steamy window during a high humidity rainstorm. Then it’s images became clearer and clearer until I could easily see in my mind the full memory.

The warm rain fell from the thickly clouded sky colored in battle grey. I was wet, soaking wet as I wandered down the rocky path through the mountains of the Appalachians. Footing was tricky on the limestone rocks that littered the ground in all directions. The wetness did not make the walking any better. I paid close attention to my footfalls to make sure everyone landed with a solid setting so my ankle would not snap because my boot slid into a hole.

The melody of soft rain hitting and running off the external leaves of the surrounding mixed wood forest seemed to lull me into a dream like state as I hiked the deserted trail.

The memory played out in my mind for the next five minutes or so. Every detail was clear and vivid like I had just done the hike. No detail was out of place and when the memory was done playing through I could have described it with the utmost precision. The light smile upon my face lingered as the cardinal flew off into the green ocean of leaves.

I began trying to recall what hike that would have been and when it took place. I could remember every detail of the memory but could not place the timeframe in my life. Intrigued I sat up a bit straighter and began looking at the memory again. I ran through it again and again trying to find something in it that I recognized that would tell me when it happened. The more I ran through the memory the stranger I felt. I deep nausea began gripping my innards and my head started to get dizzy… continued in the Wolf’s Den…

Life is Personal

This is a continuation of the following articles and the conclusion of this series:

  1. One’s Conviction
  2. Belief Quicksand
  3. Footing in Reality
  4. Observer Beyond
  5. Emotional Judge- Bias Jury
  6. Strife & Suffering
  7. Controlling Illusion
  8. Two paths

Life is personal. Yep, that’s exactly what I mean. This is the final article in my series listed above and I have laid out another simplistic but foundational point that truly dictates our existence and attempts to show another angle of perception.

All life is structured and created through sets of experiences that we are directly and indirectly, consciously and unconsciously involved with every moment. Experiences are like floating debris on the surface of the open ocean. Without that focal point the deep blue goes on endlessly in all directions with no defining feature. There becomes no point of reference for time or space.

Though when we talk about experiences we must come to understand that all experience is individual and personal. Nobody else shares the same experiences as you. Sure the events might be the same, but how the events are perceived is individual in the purest sense of the word. Therefore the experience gained from the event is different from individual to individual. Experience is personal and nobody else…continued in the Wolf’s Den…

Dream Theater- the curtain opens

In the first part of this article I shared my perspective on the enigma of dreams. The subject (at least in my opinion) is paradoxically omnipresent yet mysterious. Dreams hold some potent, direct answers because they come from within. There is no oracle or guru feeding us with their interpretations (often self-serving) of our life; past, present, and future. Even as I type, last night’s dreams are creeping into the room and then dashing out when I look over at the door…damn, it’s frustrating! Before jumping in let me preface this by stating that I’m as clueless about dreams as one can get. Sure, I can philosophize but when it comes to direct (conscious) experience with the dream realm I’m in the dark.

Previously I talked about some basic types of dreams I often have; like the daily regurgitation ones that seem to help vent stress and try to tap you on the noggin and say ‘look here, this needs some attention’. Then there are the cryptic ones (ok, all dreams are cryptic) where a specific person that you interacted with that day figures prominently in your noctur-scape. I really do wonder what that one is about…continued in the Wolf’s Den…


These past few weeks, I have been enjoying the benefits of an ancient formulation of various super-foods and herbs, mixed together in the form of a jam-like paste, called Chyavanprash.

I had read about Chyavanprash in various Ayurvedic texts and at one time even considered sourcing this to wholesale here in Canada, though I quickly changed my mind since Health Canada now makes it incredibly difficult and expensive to market anything as a natural health product. Plus I just don’t have the marketing budget to popularize this relatively unknown (in Canada) product at this time – maybe one day.

Nonetheless, I had the good fortune of getting my hands on a high quality certified organic formulation, the last time I visited the local Ayurvedic centre that I supply products to. The director of that centre, who is also a friend, strongly recommended that I try this, after a quick chat about the challenges I face in balancing running a business and caring for my young children, and the stress that this balancing act can entail… continued in the Wolf’s Den…

Loyalsock Troubles- part 2

It was no question that this girl was in trouble. From her looks when we spoke hours before to her tracks of scrabbling about trying to get a fire going in the rain, leaving her backpack alongside the trail, shedding wet layers of clothing and aimlessly discarding them… she was in trouble alright.

After picking up one of her hiking boots and continued following her lopsided tracks through the deep sopping wet ferns. They wound and staggered to a fro, tripping over the smallest depression in the muddy earth. It was not long before I found a large matted down section of vegetation and deep dents in the mud from where she had fallen. The tracks clearly showed she crawled for about 20 feet before getting back to her feet. However, in the process she managed to leave behind her other boot and two shirts. One was torn as if she had ripped it off her body.

The tail of her tracks then told of her panic as her footfalls took off in a run; a blind run nonetheless as she seemingly crashed through the now thick mountain laurel stand like a spooked deer. Broken twigs accompanied the frightened run. I followed on.

The rain was coming down a bit heavier and the temperature was dropping as the afternoon worn on. The dreary day grew darker with the ever thickening nimbus cloud cover. I had to pick up my pace and find this girl before it was too late… continued in the Wolf’s Den…

An Unexpected Rescue- part 5

Continued from:

  1. An Unexpected Rescue- part 1
  2. An Unexpected Rescue- part 2
  3. An Unexpected Rescue- part 3
  4. An Unexpected Rescue- part 4

Mac looked at me and asked what had happened. I simply told him and Jenny that Libby had injured her knee and could not walk. I said she felt she had torn something inside and she could not even stand on it. Jenny took a deep breath asked what we were going to do and Mac was asking how far down the ridge Libby was. I took a seat on a boulder and said, “OK, this is the deal. Libby is about halfway back the ridge in a notch surrounded by boulders. We slid down into the notch and to get out you need to scramble up the top side.” Mac said he remembered that spot and how tricky it was to get up this side of it. I continued, “She cannot walk on her right leg or even put pressure on it. There was nobody behind us and she is literally in about the worst spot to get to. The sun is settling in the west and the temperature is starting to drop. There is a breeze also starting to sweep in from the west. “

We sat in silence for a moment and I broke in by saying Mac and I had to go back down the ridge and try helping Libby up to South Peak. We all agreed and Jenny would remain on South Peak waiting for us. She was in no condition to go all the way back down the boulder strewn ridge and back up again. So Mac and I began moving down the knife’s edge back towards Libby who could not be seen from where we were… continued in the Wolf’s Den…

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