Greenfoot Success

July 1st, 2014 by

Good Vermont Greetings to Every One,

The office is open again after a 4 day Greenfoot Wilderness Survival course that began last Friday and continued through yesterday evening. What a great success! Beautiful weather, a wonderful group and well-rounded, highly dynamic lessons.

On day one some of the many things we covered were the philosophies of Survival Mind, energy, survival reality, dynamics between modern life and primitive living and the intricacies of natural navigation and compass work as well as the many layers and complexities of awareness. Day two was filled with fire making, survival camp construction, coal-burning, bark bowl design, wild rope, rock boiling, survival cooking, addressing animal nature, fish trap building and snares/deadfall construction, awareness and the various types of seeing and late at night we trekked through the mountains to the ridges and studied star constellations and navigation by stars. Day three we headed back to the ridge to explore more on navigation based upon what we had set-up in the darkness the night before. We then explored many wild edibles and wild medicinal, took a swim in the refreshing pond, headed back into the deep forest to study and work on shelter craft, spoke on health and well-being, blood types, personal constitutions, genetics, life-style patterns and SOOOO much more late into the night. Turning in at 2am we rested for the final day. Day four was filled with first-aid, weather patterns, water necessities, more wild edibles, “unmentionable edibles”, meat verses cabs and vegetables, poisonous plant identification, more on shelters, tracking, basic camo talk, signaling verses hiding, weaving, differences of clothing and materials, more wild edibles and lots more before we packed up and hiked out. Those were just some of the basics that we covered during the 4 days and 3 nights out.

On the last morning around the fire while going through some lessons we were greeted and blessed with the sighting of a young 3 year old black bear. He came up over a small embankment about 40 feet away and just looked at us in curiosity and then slowly meandered off. It was quite the highlight for the group.

So now its back to work getting ready for our great July classes!



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