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Real Buckskin leather shirts the traditional way. There are endless varieties and styles of “traditional” leather shirts that were worn by Native American tribes and Mountain Men alike. From coast to coast and north to south leather was utilized by tribal people and Mountain Men that lived with the land. From the hides of smaller animals like rabbits to the large land mammals such as bison, elk, moose and deer, the people used them to make clothing among many other uses.

It was one of the most practical of all materials in North America to use as clothing for all seasons. Whether it was a simple loin cloth and moccasins or a full out long sleeve shirt, pants and coat, leather has been prized as true natural wear. Insulating from both heat and cold, windproof, water resistant, soft and supple against the skin and highly protective against biting insects, leather has truly been a prized material over tens of thousands of years.

Here at Element Mountain leather is still prized for clothing and footwear and White Wolf can be seen wandering the mountains clothed in Buckskin clothing he has made himself. He loves it so much and has worn traditional Buckskin for many years that he is now offering handmade, Buckskin shirts made in the “primitive” style.

Buckskin is deer hide made into the soft, supple leather seen as the material that makes up the vast majority of traditional Native American clothing. White Wolf uses only the finest deer hide obtained from conscious minded origins. Meaning the hides come from small organizations that use free range deer for meat and sell all parts to be used; nothing goes to waste.

This “garment grade” Buckskin is truly wonderful for wearing outdoors or indoors in any season.

Two main styles are offered, pre-1800’s “poncho and 1800’s style full sleeved/body trimmed and fringed. Each shirt contains about two full hides. The 1800’s style and long poncho style use a bit more and takes much longer to create which increases cost.

The pre-1800’s style was a traditional style shirt that gave rise later to the modern day poncho. These are made in the traditional below the waist style as well as the long style which is more like a “dress” style sewn to the waist and open sided below. See images in the store for details.

The 1800’s style was traditional for a more modern and “trim” look. See images in the store for details.

White Wolf also offers hand cut and hand braided Buckskin belts. Belts average 62”-69” plus fringe. The belts can be used to adorn outfits of your choosing as well as be used for the carrying of leather bags, water bags, knives and other traditional regalia or as regular pant belts with style.

These are shirts designed for practicality rather than ceremonial dress. They are not your generic “War Shirts” handmade in China, nor are they produced in quantity. All styles are handmade upon order. The materials are not in stock but selected once specific orders come in.

Most asked Questions:

  • Q- Is deer the only available leather option?
  • A- No. Deer, Moose, Goat, Cow and Elk are the leather options, but the cost will vary with other leathers. Prices in the store are set for Deer.
  • Q- Are there color option?
  • A- with some leathers, yes.
  • Q- Can you ship them by law to any state?
  • A- Yes, there are no regulations preventing the sale or shipping of these leathers.
  • Q- Can I get various colors in one shirt?
  • A- Yes various color hides can be used in the same shirt

For more details and images of example shirts why not Track on over to our Store Page and check them out… 🙂


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