Walking of Dave

July 28th, 2014 by

Hello to All,

Some of you might have heard of or even listened to a radio station known as Wolf Spirit Radio. I was on a number of shows hosted by Wolf Spirit in the past. The owner of that station, of whom I had the privilege of knowing was a man by the name Dave Corso. Tucked in the arid hills of Nevada he lived, worked and traveled his path of healing to the best of his abilities. He began his station in order to give a platform to those of us wishing or needing to get our stories out to the world. For he too came from a background of darkness and pain and understood the purpose for spreading awareness.

Dave had a good heart even if the dark tried to swallow him. He and I had spoken in depth on air and off many times on the subjects of healing from extreme challenges of the past and set our footing within the present. We shared experiences and insights and held an unspoken camaraderie. Perhaps it was through the connection of wolf energy and perhaps it was some similarities of past experience; maybe a bit of both. I did not know him as well as some, but I knew him for my part and that was well enough.

For those of you who do not yet know, Dave Corso laid down his robes of this physical world and crossed over to the ancestral campfires on the other-side. He walked over on the morning of Sunday, July 27, 2014 and he will be missed by many. May he find the peace he sought in this Sacred Earthwalk as he walks home. May the great wolf spirit guide him in the beyond as it did on earth. I am grateful for the time I knew him and release him with a full heart.

The song of the wolf to the Dave we knew, accompanying him home, free of suffering…




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