Seeking Den Writers

August 25th, 2014 by

Some of you visiting Element Mountain’s website may have heard of the Wolf’s Den, a special sanctuary filled with powerful articles, insights and discussions containing invaluable information. It is a place where like-minded seeking individuals gather in mutual respect, integrity, curiosity and support in pursuit of greater understandings about life and themselves as unique and powerful individuals.

The Wolf’s Den started in late 2013 and has been evolving nicely ever since. Because we believe strongly in integrity, respect and the safety of the Den members in an Internet world of hackers and trolls, the Wolf’s Den is a membership only place.

Currently we have 9 quality writers for the Wolf’s Den of which 7 are presently active. Each writer gains free access to the Den and all its archives in exchange for article submissions. Every now and again we publicly announce the opening for potential writers for the Element Mountain Wolf’s Den. This is one of those times.

If you enjoy constructing articles, poems or other empowering and or informative writings and wish to share; if you wish to become a Member of the Wolf’s Den to gain access to its potent information, then we welcome you to contact us with your legal name, email address, a couple samples of your writings at the following address:

All samples will be reviewed and weighted as to their quality and potential fit in the Wolf’s Den. If your writings are accepted then we will contact you with further information on how to proceed in setting up a free account in exchange for a certain amount of writings per month. Due to the amount of Internet trolling we must screen all potential writers to maintain the highest quality, respect and integrity for the Wolf’s Den. Thank you for understanding.

The floor is yours, we eagerly await to read applicant submissions 🙂


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