Man On The Mountain!

September 20th, 2014 by

Hi Everybody!

OK my newest e-book is here and has been published! This true story about an event in my past has never been published anywhere. I have only over told a handful of people over the years about this experience, but now it is in e-book format for you all to enjoy.

The following is a description written by third person:

“Being an experienced outdoorsman and climber, White Wolf challenges himself in dealing with the unknown. “Man On The Mountain: a true story of survival at 13,000 feet” tells such an experience.
As this story unfolds, White Wolf plans to do a one-day hike, returning before nightfall. Clear weather with the ambient temperature staying under 10 below zero seemed like a great day’s adventure.
Caught in a sudden blizzard at the crest of Mt. Lady Washington, Colorado, White Wolf realizes he is without protection or direction. Wind-chill temperatures drop each moment and are deadly as he blindly tries to stay alive.
Biting winds drive White Wolf’s extremities to freezing in minutes. He can no longer move, with the fierce blizzard limiting his sight to zero. Every second counts. He must keep moving. Once again, White Wolf falls into the snow, face first. As he looks up, something just ahead of him moves.
Readers discover White Wolf’s inner discipline of becoming one with his surroundings. He tells his story with simplicity and brings this incident to life with colorful descriptions. We feel the frigid cold; breathe in the sense of wonder and awe at reaching the apex of Mt. Lady Washington and participate in this view, as if on top of the world.
Later, as the blizzard envelops White Wolf, we feel his composure while straining to maintain logic and self-control. The harrowing experience White Wolf’s describes and what he found is truly heart pounding and mind spinning!”

The title- Man On The Mountain: a true story of survival at 13,000 feet

Check it out 🙂 And please remember that if you like any of my e-books make sure to leave a comment/review/rating on the respective book page 😉

Below is a small album of the exact mountains I was on in this e-book. These were taken a different year, but when you read the book these images might give you some bearings.


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