Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know that my newest e-book has been released.

Survival Heat Loss & Microclimates

This is a short e-book that “details essential aspects of heat loss in survival situations and brings the reality back to everyday life here in Survival Heat Loss & Microclimates. Explaining in easy to understand but dynamic perspectives, White Wolf also relays the vital components and necessities of creating microclimates in order to not only survive, but to truly live upon the earth as human beings. Excellent examples of animal microclimtes are discussed in reference of how their habits and practices can teach us about our own successful microclimate construction. Even details of how excessive microclimates can be detrimental to our health and well-being are covered in this practical book. Discussing some of his personal experiences in the wilderness with microclimates and heat loss, White Wolf brings pertinent and refined information to us all on this basic essential of our live here upon the earth, no matter what environment you might find yourself in.”

For those of you in the Wolf’s Den much of the information in this e-book has been posted over time within select articles of the Den. Just to let you know… but in the e-book it is all contained in one location 😉

Also for those of you who missed it, the release of my last e-book was on August this of this year:

Unexpected Wilderness Rescues on Mt Katahdin and the Loyalsock Trail

Again the two true stories found within this e-book are also in the Wolf’s Den. 🙂


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