Tantalizing Wild Green’s Cookbook!

September 13th, 2014 by

That’s right everyone, my next and newest e-book has been released as of today!

Tantalizing Wild Green’s Cookbook

I know a number of folk have been waiting for this one 🙂

Here is the description for you:

“Let White Wolf take you on a trail of taste, texture, color and wild enthusiasm through this truly tantalizing wild green’s cookbook! From the open fields to the windswept deserts, deep forest and sun bleached prairie, White Wolf brings together an incredible variety of highly nutritious wild ingredients and blends them together to make unforgettable dishes to put a smile on your face. Let the rich flavors of nuts and tangy bursts of wild berries, the light and airy scent of flowers with penetrating aromas of dark leafy greens and roasted seeds lift your spirits in the kitchen and dining room and put a kick in your step. Oh, and don’t forget to add his wild-crafted mead to any of the many glorious “party in your mouth” recipes found in this wonderful cookbook!”

If you love wild foods and if you love cooking and if you love eating, then track on over and take a look. And let us give thanks to our very own Wolf’s Den contributor, EagleFlower, for the editing of my last two e-books 🙂


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