Autumn in the Green Mountains

October 2nd, 2014 by

Greetings to all of you from around the world! For us here in the north Vermont Green Mountains it is autumn and that means color- lots of color and  contrast. The shortening days and cooler air has been steadily encroaching for quite a while now and the effects have been quite evident with the mass changing of foliage from treetop to ground.

As the forest canopy strikes the blue sky with brilliant sparks of color the ground cover of deep ferns wash out in pale yellows and curl quickly under the brown as the energy seeps back to the roots. Rivers turn dark from the mass of leaves that cover their surfaces like a patchwork quilt and their waters chill fast with less and less light from the leaving sun.

Indeed the summer is gone for another year and the short burst of the grand finale from the plants and trees captures our eyes and hearts here in the very heart of autumn- October. Soon all the color will be gone and the brown spent leaves will drop from the lofty branches to the chilled ground far below. “Stick-season” will be upon us and the dominate color of brown will remain until the first blasts of winter arrive with its great swirls of white.

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