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Ugly Epidemic Reality

There is an ugly epidemic that openly lurks within the United States in every town, city and state. It is an epidemic that has been steadily increasing for decades upon decades. Its face can be blatantly seen or shrouded under protective masks. Building like storm waves beneath the surface and either exploding outward like volcanoes or destroying from within like acid constantly eating until nothing remains, this epidemic expands and touches lives far and wide.

It first started to gain attention heavily back in the 40’s but the earliest recorded documentation of identifying this epidemic condition of today was back in the late 1500’s. Though it was during and after World War 2 that the condition was directly observed and studies began to open into the realm of medical and mental sciences. Even so, the rate of increase in cases from then through today has skyrocketed to become the epidemic it currently is that plagues every level of the social system, from the poor to the wealthy and spanning all ethnicities…

Lung Health Dynamics 1

I spoke of the liver just last week and if you read those two articles you will understand that the liver does not belong to the energy of autumn, but rather spring. Now I am presenting the true organ of autumn within the body, the lungs.

It is in-fact autumn, as the autumnal equinox has passed a week ago and here in northern New England the foliage colors are in full bloom! Autumn is kind of like spring but with every leaf becoming a blossoming flower of radiant hue.

This is truly the season that the energy of the lungs and thus the health of the lungs best align with. But why and how? Not only is it important to know what organ aligns with what season, but it is even more important to understand why. Without the understanding of why the knowledge of which fits where is meaningless and useless.

The lungs are of course responsible for the act of respiration in the body. This much is quite obvious. The lungs expand drawing external air in for the red blood cells to gather oxygen and bring it to all areas of the body. Then the waste products in the form of vapor and water are expelled along with heat as the lungs contract. This is all well and great but this is only a part of the job the lungs are in charge of. Beyond respiration the lungs have a very big job to do in all of our bodies…

Liver Harm

In the past I have spoken about many various organs and their health, including the liver. However, I have placed them in specific contexts that usually combined with other avenues of overall well-being. In our upcoming course called Present of Health, to be held in January 2015, I will be going into a great amount of details and specifics of many areas of health and well-being. Nonetheless I decided to throw out a few more details on the liver as far as overall health is concerned.

Why the liver? Well the liver is our largest organ beyond the skin and it just happens to be in control of a great many things of which can go awry if the liver is unhappy. The autumnal equinox has come and gone launching us into the season of shedding, autumn. Health is becoming more and more of a focus point with the sun heading south, less natural Vitamin D, cooler weather and extreme temperature fluctuations until the season fully settles in. It happens every year. Many people neglect their health and well-being throughout the warm season for stress or excessive pleasures and when autumn arrives they begin to suffer because we literally reap what we sow when it comes to personal health as warmth and light slowly turn cold and dark…

Wolf to Dog

One of the biggest mysteries of the Wolf today is not so much where the wolf was first seen upon the planet, but rather how the dog comes into the picture. Since the wolf is the most widespread large predator in the world it has baffled scientists as to where the wolf actually first showed its tracks in the world. Some say Asia and Europe while others say North America. To me it makes no difference where they first laid tracks. What matters to me is that they are here and an integral part of the world. But the dog, now that is interesting and highly controversial.

It is commonly agreed upon that the first signs of canid domestication took place around 14,000 years ago and have been an important part of human history and culture ever since. There are some who say around 50,000 years ago was when humans first began to throw food to the wolves. But how? It is very clear that the wolf is not the dog and the dog is not the wolf, there are many differences that make this fact known. Though it is obvious they are certainly related. So what makes them different from one another and how did one come into domestication while the other remains truly wild?

When we look at dogs we find an incredible variety of breeds and then when we think they all came from their wolf relative it is hard to imagine. From the Great Dane to the Chihuahua, the Mastiff down to the Beagle and Pomeranian, they are all related to the wolf. But how? How can a Chihuahua be related to the wolf?

We first must understand…

Redheaded Pain

This is something that I have mentioned before, but never really went into any detail about. Therefore I decided to type out this short article explaining further the “mysterious” dynamics of why redheads experience physical sensations differently than non-redheaded folk.

In many areas along the way I have stated that redheads do not do well with pain and tend to have far less tolerance for pain than other people. There is of course a reason for this that I do not think many people understand.

In one side of my family there is a redheaded gene and interestingly in the same side of the family is a blonde gene. I have witnessed within certain members of my family who have reddish hair the low level pain threshold first-hand.

In the realm of western medical doctors it is well known…

Mt Audubon Hardships- part 1

The day began early, not so much because of the time of the year because it was early autumn, but rather because my wife and I arose early to get ourselves ready for a big day ahead. It did not take us very long to get ourselves ready since we had done this kind of thing so many times before. We were wise enough to do most of our preparations the night before so that come morning we would have very little to pack and therefore have more time to dedicate to stretching and eating.

From countless trips in our lives we had a solid understanding of how important it was to warm up and stretch out before such journeys. Taking our time and eating a nutritious breakfast was also essential. Though it was true I had from time to time got up and rushed out the door towards a climb before, I found it not to be the most beneficial practice for an enjoyable day.

At the time we were living just over 9,000 feet (2,700 meters) in elevation in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We had our own house and land and had lived at that location for about 2 years. Prior to that we lived in the very small town of Nederland about 30 minutes to the north.  I think we had been in Colorado for around 5 years by this time and had lived in many different areas of the state in those 5 years. Spanning that time frame I had climbed over 30 mountains peaks in Colorado between 13,000 (4,000 meters) and 14,421 feet (4,396 meters) above sea level; many of them more than once and in all 4 seasons. Besides martial arts it was one of my favorite pastimes…

Vibration Systems- part 1

Most of you have heard of them, most of you probably have paid attention to them but I would bet only a few really understand them. This is in no way trying to cut anyone down. It is simply stating a fact of today’s modern world of distraction. With all of the average responsibilities of adults in technological countries it is hard, very hard to remain focused within and find the time, true quality time to self heal. Pre-technological cultures typically had far more time and energy to focus within on self healing as well as spiritual foundations. Living here in 2014 it is not so easy anymore unless you let go of everything and remove yourself completely from the world of modern energies. The small series called Modern & Primitive in the Raw I think touched clearly on these topics.

When we look around at people we can find that most people are in need of some kind of healing. Whether that be physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually people in general need healing. Technology was given to the human species by higher level species in the manner of mental capacity. Look at what people have done with it. Sure some technology actually helps people, but on a whole technology is used to control/manipulate, harm, destroy and enslave humans and wreak havoc upon all other creatures we share the world with and the very life support systems of the earth.

Instead of utilizing the human brain and increasing its potential and power it is capable of, the focus was removed from this pursuit and placed into…

3 Components of Change

One of the great questions is what allows us to change, what allows us to attain physical and mental stature in order to achieve great feats? Some point to evolution and call it quits from there. Some point to genetics and feel that adequately solves the question. Some, like myself, like to push further than the accepted “norm” and delve into other possible avenues.

When we look at the “average” person we see the typical traits and abilities found throughout much of the human species. But then we look more specifically and we find feats deemed “incredible” by the common human being successfully executed by fellow humans. Just look at high level bodybuilders, gymnasts, martial artists, people that swim across ocean straights, composers, artists, dancers and so on. Many people look at such humans doing such feats that are deemed beyond normal human capabilities and state they are gifted/talented and much of it comes from genetics. Though it is true that part of it certainly has to do with genetics, not all of it has to do with select bloodlines.

Many butterflies have colors that allow them the most opportunity to adapt and handle the local environmental demands. In areas where the sun is more directly hitting the earth …

Sarsaparilla Earth Medicine

Two years ago I introduced an apprentice of six weeks to a lovely woodland plant here in Vermont. He truly found a connection with it that remains today.

This plant grows upright on a long stout round stalk upwards of 2 feet or more. Branching out in three places the side branches spread and grow a series of compound leaves. Each leaf is serrated and shapely in that of an ellipse with a point. Very fine white hairs grow on the stems. Under the main stalk and sunk in the soft loamy soil a few inches are long trailing tuberous roots coated lightly with a brown sheath. Beneath the sheath is a tan colored inner rootstock. These roots trail around and shoot up other plants to create colonies.

In the mid spring a second stalk shoots up parallel to the main stalk from the earth and grows about a third of the height. This stalk bears a sphere of tiny white flowers.

The plant is called Sarsaparilla. In this area Hairy and Wild Sarsaparilla…

It has long been used medicinally for blood purification, sort of like Burdock, but without the cooling nature. Falcarinol and Panaxydol make the Sarsaparilla a wonderful anti-microbial (anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral). This combined with its…

Embracing the Unknown; Dancing with a butterfly

Clocks, calendars, addresses, street signs… all of them denoting time and place.  This day-to-day world provides many tools for finding where we are with GPS systems, maps and location finders.  These tools show us where we are, but really?  They do not point to what should matter the most – to our inner value and place in this Universe.

Until we individually get to the place and time that we can no longer move, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually, we will not find the true meaning of Life.  Just as White Wolf described in “Man on the Mountain,” he calculated his position in relation to other physical markers.  However, there came a moment when White Wolf could no longer move, his face smashed into the blizzard-covered ground.  Overcome by the Elements he realized that his options came down to his inner Self.  From this inner space White Wolf chose to follow his inner guidance.  Soon, this inner guidance materialized and showed him a direction to safe harbor.

We are so inculcated with Fear of the Unknown.  This society directs us to classify, codify and categorize all situations, people and surroundings.  Without realizing it we place values on what is ‘right or wrong.’  Thus, these beliefs form our life stories.  We box things and hide them or shelve them, not knowing how to divest…


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