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Well it is that time of year again where the calendar reminds people of something I try to instill in those I come in contact with to do on a daily basis- Give Thanks. Yes it is the “American” holiday of Thanksgiving once again, but truly the art of giving thanks, honoring gratitude comes from the depth of every human’s heart and spirit. We certainly do not require a deemed “holiday” to tap inside ourselves and give genuine thanks.

Taking a moment to give thanks for everything in my life is something that has a place every day. I give thanks every morning when I awake anew for everything in my life because I understand that without everything in my life as it is, at any given moment I would not have the opportunities to experience and grow. Good, Bad, Light, Dark… terms matter not because everything is simply experience and it is our personal judgments and social conditions that tag terms onto experiences so our mental faculties can categorize and compartmentalize rather that allow the openness of flow.

Therefore I give thanks for everything in my life, no matter whether my conditioning wishes to term things as “good” or “bad”, because it all assists me in one form or another.

Here at Element Mountain we give our thanks to the following, in no particular order,

  • The Creator
  • The realm of Spirit
  • All levels of existence
  • Energy itself
  • The Earthmother
  • The Sky Father
  • Our light and heat the Sun
  • Moderator of seasons and tide the Moon
  • The Waters
  • The Fires
  • The 4 Directions and 4 Seasons
  • Family
  • Friends and Foes
  • The 4 legged-ones
  • The ones who fly
  • The ones who crawl
  • The ones who swim
  • Nolan Interactive- for making this website possible
  • The Turning Mill- for making our artistic images, logos, packaging, etc possible
  • Students
  • Clients
  • Wolf’s Den Contributors and Members
  • Everyone making the convenience’s and gifts of society possible (food, shelter, electricity, fuel, clothing, roads, transportation, entertainment, medical care, tools, etc, etc)
  • The 5 “recognized” senses we experience life through
  • The many more “unrecognized” senses we experience life through
  • Peace and Challenges
  • Every event and energy that has ever touched our lives


Happy Thanksgiving To You All 🙂


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