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February 1st, 2015 by

Greetings to All and a happy February,

This is just to announce the release of my newest e-book entitled, PTSD- Living with the Beast, a personal story.


“To quote White Wolf, “People diagnosed with PTSD are in pain and suffer daily. They do not have some disease or some contagious condition. They require some of the most basic needs in life; love, patience, care, understanding and genuine compassion.”

The first page finds us confined with White Wolf inside a dark tube with no space to move; his head is caged inside of a mask that is bolted to the table. Its intense vibrations and loud machine-gun staccato sounds catapult White Wolf to times in his past. Can White Wolf hold on to his focus? How much longer would this MRI procedure last?

Less than a year ago White Wolf voluntarily scheduled an MRI procedure, prompted by his doctors, to rule out and clarify various medical questions. Prior to this procedure, professionals clinically diagnosed White Wolf with CPTSD, chronic post traumatic stress disorder. With that information and after enduring the torturous flashbacks inside the MRI machine, White Wolf initiated a deep investigation within his own life forward from his birth.

Since White Wolf prefers a more holistic approach without medications and drugs, he has found a Counselor who works in concert with him in a non-judgmental manner.

White Wolf presents techniques that work for him and those that do not. He delves into the dangers of giving your trust to charlatans who masquerade as helpers, whether they come from traditional or alternative treatment modalities. There are many who prey on vulnerable people for their own selfish reasons.

“PTSD: Living with the Beast, a personal story” masterfully weaves the clinical aspects of this PTSD epidemic along with White Wolf’s very personal story by blending both together in a balanced and easy to read format. He provides a general description of what and how certain life experiences became his foundation for a sequence of continued trauma, leading to CPTSD.”

How can this book benefit a general reader? As White Wolf explains, anyone who has experienced a major trauma or ongoing traumas, is in line for PTSD. Many of us know someone who has undergone a traumatic experience, and some never quite seem to bounce back. This account can open your eyes to some of these causes while suggesting alternative methods of self-healing for PTSD.

This is a must have book for anyone struggling with PTSD or who knows someone they care about dealing with trauma. One of the most potent things a person can give to another in healing is compassion through understanding. White Wolf presents this book and its information from a point of true and genuine understanding, because he lives it day in and day out. He writes from that unique perspective, not clinical and sterile, but visceral, real and concise.

The book was released today and can be found here:

PTSD- Living with the Beast, a personal story


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