Element Mountain’s Three Day Vermont Adventure

March 13th, 2015 by

Wilderness, River and Mountain!

Spring in Vermont is a time of gratitude after a long hard winter. It is also a time of excitement and newfound vitality after months and months of subzero temps, deep white snows and many days of gray skies. The earth begins to warm and wildflowers, almost forgotten from the prior year, push up through the rich soils to display their showy faces. Birds of many species return from southern wintering grounds to bear their young. Deer, fox, bear, porcupine, moose and countless other wild critters give birth to new life. The Green Mountains truly start to once again turn their warm season cloaks of rich and vibrant green hues. Rivers and streams frozen for long winter months burst with roaring freedom down the slopes and across the valleys below.

What better time to get out and explore the wilderness and the new life, fresh and clean that reaches back into the world? So it is that we have planned three days of outdoor fun and exploration!

Each day is designed to host one major event. Therefore interested people may join all three days or just one or two. The days and their events are as follows:

Day 3

Abby Pond Guided Hike– Deep in the Green Mountain National Forest sets a picture perfect pond named Abby Pond, surrounded by beautiful and fruitful bogs, pine covered hillocks dotted with wild blueberry bushes and gorgeous wilderness. This 4 mile round trip hike traverses some amazing Vermont forests teeming with wildflowers, birds, marsh habitat, oak, birch and maple woods, hemlock and pine woods and crosses an impressive mountain stream a few times as it careens down through carved ledges. The elevation gain is around 1,160 feet from trailhead to pond.

Cost- $42.00


Day 2

Lamoille River Trip– One of Vermont’s many picturesque rivers, the Lamoille flows from around the Long Trail State Forest clear on out to the famous Lake Champlain to the west. Coursing through mountain, canyon, marsh, field and valley, the river flows full in spring, a great time to get out on it in paddle craft! The 4 mile paddle trip includes kayak rentals, drop-off at the launch site and pick-up at the take out site and a shuttle back to our cars. On the Lamoille, one of New England’s most picturesque rivers we will paddle calm waters in the shadows of the Green Mountains towering above us, under covered bridges and beside forest and rich fields. (beginners welcome)

Cost- (rentals includes) $60.00


Day 1

Mt Abe Guided Hike– One of Vermont’s most famous mountains, rising to 4,006 feet above sea level along the Green Mountain’s Long Range it truly is a picture perfect mountain. We hike through a wide variety of forest ecosystems from bottom to peak, where we break out into fragile tundra, above tree line. The hike travels along a well laid, but nice and rustic trail, not a dirt road; rising 1,700 feet from parking are to summit. The round trip hike covers about five and quarter miles. On clear days the views are breathtaking. From the treeless summit you can see west all the way across Lake Champlain to the Adirondacks, east all the way to the White Mountains of New Hampshire and an amazing expanse of the Green Mountains north and south!

Cost- $42.00


Anyone who has ever gone on one of our excursions or come to our classes can tell you that it is never about just one thing. We open up and explore a wide variety of subjects in anything we embark upon.


All of our guided services are geared to small groups and even individuals. Many times we trek into deep and pristine wilderness areas. To keep our impact down, both in foot travel impact as well as overall presence so as not to disrupt all the life that live there, we keep our groups very small and always practice low impact travel and camping. For this purpose it is important to sign up for event early so they do not fill up without you. We offer some of the most affordable price in the state for high quality events.


Each day of the trip includes a unique and exciting activity where you will not only be able to have some great outdoor fun, but get some quality exercise, gaze upon incredible views, learn some great facts about the local fauna, ecosystems and a truly wide variety of other topic details and have some springtime fun!

  • 1 day charge- the cost of the day event listed above
  • 2 day charge- the cost of both chosen events listed above
  • 3 day charge- $144.00


There is a nice selection of local, quality, Vermont hospitality accommodations to spend your evenings resting and reflecting on the day’s events. Lodging options can be found here on our Contact Info & Lodging page.

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