Gilmore Pond Cross-country Hike

March 16th, 2015 by

Scheduled: April 9, 2017

Cost – $75.00

Preregistration required – please email to inquire

Length – all day

Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine

Winter closing and early spring rising like the heady smell of rich loam from the moist earth; April in the Vermont Green Mountains. The leaves not yet out and snow patches lingering in chilled patches of ground stand out starkly in the wilderness landscape of the North Country. Wandering, breathing and expanding into the wilderness and over steps of deer, moose, bear, fox and turkey; passed swift babbling mountain streams and under thick green canopies of ancient trees… this is Bristol Cliffs Wilderness established in 1975. Set back into the official wilderness lies a pond and vast marsh called Gilmore. Surrounded by spruce, pine, hemlock, hobblebush and bunchberries the wide pond expanse stretches to rocky shores home to moose and bear alike.

This is our destination. We will meet in the only parking area for Bristol Cliffs Wilderness in Vermont and begin our cross-country hike on a beautiful morning with the birds welcoming us into the deep forests. Placing schedules and the business of the modern world behind, your footfalls will bring you further and further away from your worries as we wander easily through the woods and up the mountain; peaking the ridge high above and traversing the wilderness back to Gilmore Pond.

Bristol Cliffs Wilderness is an officially designated Wilderness Area containing over 3,700 acres of raw land. No trails, no modern world beyond what you bring in your backpacks. Element Mountain humbly shares this natural wonder with all life forms that call it home in order to assist students from all walks of life gain a better understanding and connection to the wilderness and the depths of themselves.

Our cross-country hike will be approximately 3 ½ miles round trip with an elevation gain of around 750 feet. The ground is truly wilderness without groomed trails and so walking is considered moderate to difficult. White Wolf will be your guide through the wilderness and will point out a great many details along the way; plants, animals, birds, tracks, sounds and much more. While deep in the wilderness you will hopefully find some clarity to areas within your own wilderness hiding inside you.

The pace of the hike will meet the needs of slower hikers and so we have no end time scheduled. If the hike takes most of the day then that is what we will fully enjoy! This can be a very wet and muddy hike over steep terrain. Please honor your limitations for the safety of yourself and the group.

Why not come out and join us in the Vermont Wilderness for some fresh air, good exercise, great views, good company and some wonderful outdoor early spring/late winter fun!

Due to the nature of the land and the time of year dogs are prohibited on this hike.

Here are two videos showing a bit of the area from 2011 when we still had our old school.

For more information or to preregister please email us at:


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