Lake Champlain Island Camping Event

March 12th, 2015 by

Just as above under the Lake Champlain Paddle Event, the wonders of Lake Champlain await you during this Island Camping Event! In northern Lake Champlain set numerous islands dotted throughout the watery landscape. Some of them are dedicated state lands under the State Park regulations. One such island is where we head out to during this unique camping experience.

The island is only about a mile long and a quarter mile in width. To access the island requires a personal boat traversing two and a half miles of Lake Champlain waters. The island is primitive, no buildings or structures beyond a few state placed privies. No docks either so boats going to the island need a shallow bottom.

During this event we meet up in a mainland State Park. We only take paddle craft to the island, meaning canoes or kayaks. For those people who do not have their own paddle craft there are rentals at the State Park. Once everyone is set with their chosen boat we load up all our gear into the boats and set out across the northern waters for our two and a half mile paddle to the island. (*** see below for updated info on travel plans ***)

Once on the island we set up camp and get ourselves settled in. During our two nights and three days of camping we will explore rare local fauna, local birds, weather patterns, basic outdoor skills, rocks and fossils, learn some history of the lake and surrounding mountains, swim in the waters, enjoy incredible sunsets and sunrises, tell some stories around the fire and most of all, have a great time!

Furthermore upon this trip we will be delving into a deep and powerful medicine teaching of the moon, water, emotion and the inner feminine we all possess. It may seem like an odd time of year to explore such a teaching, what with it being the middle of July and the time of fire and sun, but because it is the time of fire it makes the opposite that much more powerful. Water is that much more precious when surrounded by fire and fire is that much more precious when water is near. They are opposite elements and energies, opposite medicines and lessons and thus they complement one another and find their strength within each other.

On a primitive island in Lake Champlain surrounded by water under the July sun is a perfect time to explore the richness of foundational moon and water teachings. Our small group will focus on these powerful studies, there in the elements, immersed in nature as the sun rides high and the sliver moon grows from the dark new moon present a few days prior.

Moon and water, emotion and mother, child and nurturing, inner depths of personal power, healing and spiritual growth under the strength and protection of father sun. You will learn how to more completely align with the inner feminine aspect of yourself through the water and moon element, but with the counterbalance and supporting energy of the fire and sun. We will work with foundational practices that will assist you in bringing to live the deep moon and water elements within you in a way you can work with to enhance all aspects of your life.

Since it is a remote part of a State park we need to make our reservations far in advance. We cannot camp without proper paid registration. For that reason it is imperative that all persons interested need to make up their minds and commit to this event by the dictated date below.


The cost for the three days and two nights is $473.00. That includes four days of teaching and all meals.

*** It looks like as of now we will be accessing the remote island by way of small motorized “tour” boat since canoe rentals in the are are tricky, with either high cost for multiple days or no overnight rentals. The tour boat ferry will cost each person $40.00 each way. The State Park fee per person is $20.00. So the $473.00, plus $20.00 entrance fee can be paid through personal check, Paypal or in cash. Your boat fee will be a total of $80.00 for round trip service, making the total cost $573.00 for the four full day and three full night trip.


  • Food (3 meals per day) and Four day/Three night class/events = $473.00
  • State Park fee per person = $20.00
  • Two-way Ferry Trip to island and back- $80.00 per person
  • Grand total = $573.00

Maximum 15 people for this trip.

We have a vegetarian, all organic meal plan.

***Photo Gallery of the island***

For more details on food, water, rental fees, total trip cost and equipment please email us at:


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