Lake Champlain on Ice

March 1st, 2015 by

Happy March!

Just the other day I was out by Lake Champlain here in north Vermont and found myself exploring the cliffs and countless ice features so meticulously sculpted by snow, wind and water. To me ice has always been something fascinating, truly alive and filled with the heart of winter itself. Winter after winter and I never grow tired of exploring, gazing upon and working with ice.

In this year’s Ice Album you can see a small bit of my ice play.

Below is an album I created from my wanders on Lake Champlain two days ago and just a few of the incredible ice structures I found naturally created by the weather and elements of the long winter season we have thus far had. While I was strolling along the open ice and under the cliffs supporting old growth ceder forests above, the ice was singing its wintry melodies of deep pangs and twangs of its ever shifting dance upon the deep waters below. Only the slight breeze, occasional pair of ravens re-solidifying bonds in preparation for their early nesting season, and the deep resonance of deep shifting ice filled the air with vibration. Beyond that the lake was as quiet as the vast and barren expanses of southwestern deserts.

I have also been busy working on plans for Lake trips this summer, canoing, kayaking, camping and exploring!



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