Medicine Wheel- Inner Pathways

March 30th, 2015 by

Medicine Wheel- Inner pathways


If you have walked the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and learned the structure, layout, history, overall meaning and purpose of the Wheel, then perhaps it is time to go deeper. The Medicine Wheel is truly a lifelong journey of self discovery and the wide dynamics of outward explorations. To study the Wheel for a year means you have just begun to understand it usefulness. To study it for 5 years means you have attained the solid understanding of its foundations. Another 5 years and you begin to realize the scope of its depths. More years leads you to deeper and more powerful layers of the self and all life and on and on the process continues.

The Medicine Wheel is a two-way energy. The more time and focus you invest in the dynamics of the Wheel, the more you get out of it and the more rich life becomes. Traditionally the Medicine Wheel building was a ceremony led only by those who have lived within the teachings of the Wheel for many, many years and had gained a very deep and rich understanding of it. The lessons of the Wheel were taught in progression based upon the energy investment of the seekers. Those truly dedicated to learning were tutored in its many dynamics and Medicines.

Here at Element Mountain we go beyond the mere teaching of the basics and foundations for the Medicine Wheel. Here we walk past the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and offer deeper teachings of the Wheel and its many Medicines. Medicine Wheel- Inner Pathways is a set of teachings that allow you to explore the depths of the Wheel and gain a broader perspective of the layers contained within the Wheel. Here you will learn that each stone is not a two dimensional lesson that holds the face values of the exact placement, but a many layered journey to deep understandings, knowledge and connection to existence.

During this class you will come to learn:

  • Select meditations of the Medicine Wheel
  • The Gateways of the Spirit Keepers
  • The Layered Self of the Center Circle
  • Four Seasons of Time in the Moon Circle
  • The Multi-level Self and Universe along the Spirit Pathways

This is a single day event that is intensive. This is for the truly serious individuals out there wishing to delve deeply into the vast richness of the Medicine Wheel teachings to enhance every aspect of their lives and assist the world around them.

If you have walked the Rite of the Medicine Wheel and wish to open it up to a brand new dynamic, then see if you cannot make time for this event, for Medicine Wheel- Inner Pathways. Your guide will be White Wolf who has studied and worked with the Medicine Wheel for over 25 years.

For more information or to sign up for this two day class, please contact us at

This is an outdoor event rain or shine. In the event of rain a basic tarp shelter will be present for discussion, note taking and eating lunch.

Since this is the Medicine Wheel we do not demand a specific payment. This event is  donation based. All we require is that everyone participating offer something as an energy exchange. All things beneficial must be based upon even/fair energy exchange. This event is an all day activity. Our suggested monetary donation is $75.00.



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