Mt Abe Hike

March 12th, 2015 by

(Not Currently Scheduled)

Mt Abe rises 4,600 feet (1222 meters)above the Champlain Valley Floor below and is considered one of the true Monarchs of the Vermont Long Range. Its peak contains true tundra habitat and offers incredible views on clear days across to the New York Adirondacks, south to Mt Killington and 80 miles east to the New Hampshire White Mountains! Even on a cloudy day when the clouds are lifted the views of Vermont are spectacular. When the clouds are hanging on the mountain its as if you walked into another world with deep mists all around as you traverse ancient boulders and elder knarled trees before breaking tree line into the white tundra.

After meandering through many different ecosystems as you gain elevation you come to the “krummholtz”, or short twisted trees and amazing huge chunks of white quartz boulders perfectly placed amongst the knarled evergreens.

The hike from Lincoln Gap to the Mt Abe peak is just under three miles for about a 5.5 mile round trip. Elevation gain is 1,582 feet.

Won’t you come and join us for an incredible hike up one of Vermont’s most loved mountains? Guiding this hike will be White Wolf who will be happy to point out many natural features and answer your many questions.

Upon registration you will receive an equipment list with directions. We look forward to seeing you on the mountains!


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