Mt Grant Hike Night Hike

March 12th, 2015 by

ScheduledAugust, 2017 (exact dates to be announced)

Cost – $75.00

Preregistration required – please email to inquire

Length – all night

Where – Vermont – rain, snow or shine

Deep in the Vermont wilderness of the Breadloaf lays a trail that wanders through an ancient boulder strewn canyon left from the days of the glaciers.

Rushing river, ancient rock, towering trees and whispering mountains. Song of bird, track of beast, shadow of fish and trail of sun. Green moss and fern drop of dew, hue of flower, sands of time. Ancient land worn through ages graced with waters of life stretch far and wide over rolling mountain after mountain like slumbering giants. Vermont and the Breadloaf Wilderness await you!

Won’t you join us through Element Mountain for a wander through the Breadloaf Wilderness area of the Vermont Green Mountains? Leaving the modern world behind, except the gear you carry upon your back and enter the raw wilderness to tap deeply into your soul, reconnect with the life-force that beats within all the world and discover things many people will never see.

We will begin at the trailhead and hike in along the easy to moderate trail entering the wilderness area. Our goal- to reach the top of Mt Grant;  to make a full night of it, explore the surrounding plants, trees, tracks, rocks, river, sounds, smells, touch, emotion… just simply to experience ourselves within the landscape of the wild. Though this exploration we will certainly learn new things and gain experiences that will change awareness of self and hopefully open new pathways within for continued growth on all levels of our being.

White Wolf will guide you and share wisdom of the land throughout this wilderness wander.

Mt Grant is one of the peaks along the Long Range reaching over 3,000 feet in elevation. It sits alone on the skyline of the range and tops out at 3,623 feet. One of the rarely visited mountains along the range it remains a quiet and deep country mountain. Once upon the peak you gain expansive views to the south into the true heart of the Breadloaf Wilderness that few see. This is our destination.

Total hike round trip will be about 8 miles- 4 miles up and 4 miles back.

Element Mountain will not be supplying food for this trip. You will be responsible for your own food and gear and upon registration you will be emailed an equipment list and directions to the hike location.

The trail is of good quality with solid footing and easy following. There will be plenty of water for filtering along the entire hike.

The Breadloaf Wilderness is the largest wilderness inside the Green Mountain National Forest, almost 25,000 acres. It contains 11 major mountain peaks all over 3,000 feet elevation, (@ 915 meters) and was established in 1984.

This hike will take place rain or shine.

Please no dogs. We love dogs, but when dogs come along on our hikes the hike becomes about the dogs and not what we are able to see and experience without dogs along. Thank you for your understanding.


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