Night World

March 12th, 2015 by

Many people wander their world and daily life during the daylight hours. When the sun is high people take full advantage to explore. New places and faces; different terrain passes by wandering feet. The outdoors become a welcome and familiar place to the wanders of day. The gentle flowers and swaying grasses, trickling streams and towering trees are rejuvenating sights. When the sun is high the world seems so full of life and beauty and the courage is there to discover the unfamiliar.

What happens though when the sun goes away and darkness sets in? When night embraces the land, what then? More people than not avoid the outdoors of the wilds when the sun is gone and stick rather to areas with artificial lights. Noises sound but sources cannot be seen. Shadows have expanded to cloak all of life, but life still abounds and amazing discoveries lie in wait to be found.

The Night World is truly just as amazing and full of excitement and incredibleness as the day, yet so many people avoid the Night World. Conditioned fear of the unknown sets in deeply and stirs all manner of reactivity that prevent many from experiencing such a marvelous place as the wilderness at night.

In this Night World event you travel into the Vermont Mountains with our group to discover what the Night World has to offer to the explorer with a childlike attitude of excitement! We wander through the Night World in search of the true nightlife of the wilderness, from animal to plant, stone and stream, insect to stars we seek to connect deeply with the Night World within ourselves. The more we find and discover in the world outside us the more we begin to understand the world of Night within us.


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